Intelligent Virtual Assistants_ 3 Ways They Can Help Your Brand

Every year, we experience various and innovative digital advancements that benefit our daily lives and businesses. Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) have been on the front lines of digital progression in the past few years. And the latest iteration of this type of conversational AI technology is Intelligent Virtual Assistants or IVA.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants have an incredibly complex system that goes beyond what an ordinary chatbot can do. It has domain knowledge and can understand users and their needs, fulfill customers’ needs, and improve overall engagement and interaction. Because of this, you can have various types of virtual assistance that you can assign for tasks, such as a virtual customer service representative.

Although having virtual assistants to help you with your business is incredibly effective in itself,  incorporating Intelligent Virtual Assistants will be a substantial addition to how your company operates.

If you’re thinking of integrating IVA in your team, keep reading. In this article, we’ll take a deep-dive into different ways having IVA solutions can benefit your business. Let’s get to it!

1. Boosts productivity and efficiency

What compromises the productivity and workflow of your employee is the number of tasks that they have daily. When they have too much to do, they can’t focus on substantial tasks that could contribute to your business’s improvements, such as market research, logistics, and more.

With IVA, you can delegate customer care tasks to them and allow your team to focus on more important and heavy tasks, ultimately improving productivity and work efficiency.

Because of its NLU and ML capabilities, IVAs can quickly and adequately detect your customers’ intent and execute tasks to fulfill their requirements. Besides that, IVAs can improve your response rate without the need for human contact, which helps enhance the productivity of customer support staff, who can then focus on more pressing customer concerns.

2. Improves revenue and cuts expenses

When you decide to automate your customer inquiries and FAQs through IVAs, you’ll increase customer support capacity in an incredibly cost-efficient way. This is because IVAs can manage higher volumes of customer interactions without increasing operational and additional costs.

Besides cutting costs, incorporating IVA technology in your business operations can provide positive outcomes for the company through better customer experience and engagement. With the help of IVA technology, alongside your team of virtual assistants, you’ll boost your website conversion rates and find opportunities within your business that could drive your sales.

3. Can improve your brand’s reputation

As mentioned earlier, IVAs can help continue customer engagement and enhance customer experience, which could ultimately improve your brand’s reputation.

When you’re working with a virtual marketing assistant to run marketing campaigns for your brand, you can incorporate IVAs in your customer support team to help interact with customers interested in your campaign. Having constant customer interaction will help build trust and loyalty within your brand’s community, helping your brand develop a positive reputation.


Now that you know the benefits you get from having Intelligent Virtual Assistants, integrating this type of technology in your business is something you should push for. Having IVAs, like virtual customer service representatives, will help run your business, your other team members, reach sales goals, have successful marketing campaigns, and build trust in your market.

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