Is the Leatherman Skeletool the Best Leatherman Pocket Knife?

Be careful when you start throwing around praise like “the best Leather pocket knife,” because what matters to you might be cumbersome to another user. Naturally, tastes vary, and so does functionality. Then there’s also the fact that one of you reading this might be fuming at the fact that we styled the Skeletool as a pocket knife when you can only bring yourself to think of it as a multitool.

Let this article stand for what it is, and don’t take it for gospel. We welcome you to have your own opinion on the matter. Whether or not the Skeletool is a Leatherman pocket knife, by right is another matter, and as far as “best,” extends, we will leave that to you, the reader, to decide. Only allow the Skeletool’s utility to stand for itself.

This skeletonized little tool is boundlessly ergonomic, practical, and useful. With it’s artful cut-outs, it is paradoxically lightweight while being impressively heavy on cool factor. It also gives the user the ability and convenience to carry via three different methods. You can carry it free in your pocket, utilize the pocket clip, or attach it to your gear or belt loop via its integral carabiner. If you pick up a custom molded sheath for it, that gives you a fourth option for carry.

The tool gets high marks for that reason alone. It’s only fitting that a multitool should be both easy to carry and afford more than one method for doing so. It’s also loaded with convenient, practical tools.

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a highly practical pair of folding pliers, it also has a linerlock blade built into its design. This is not the flimsy afterthought pen-knife of so many multi tools. This is a modified sheepsfoot pattern that can be used to do most anything other folding knives can be used to do. It’s also made of 420HC steel – the same infamous alloy that Buck uses in their legendary gear.

The blade can also be easily deployed with one hand and has the feel of a much more robust folding knife. The fact that it has a liner lock makes it boundlessly more practical. There are many fine folding knives out there that are limited for no other reason than the fact that they have nothing but a slipjoint to keep the blade open.

In addition to the pliers and blade, this little Leatherman pocket knife also has a bottle opener built into its design and the ability to make use of four included driver bits. There are two separate bits with two heads each that come as a part of this package; two flatheads and two phillips head bits. These fit conveniently into the frame of the tool when not in use and lock into a special receptacle when you do need to put them to work.

Utility aside, this is a marvelously tough little piece of equipment. All steel construction makes it basically bombproof despite its moving parts, and if that objective metric doesn’t sway you, consider Leatherman’s untarnished company history. It’s a tool for the ages – buy one today, keep it and use it forever.

That’s our unbiased-as-possible review of the Leatherman Skeletool; if you’re in our camp and agree with our assessment, great. If not, equally great – but for those of you who want to add one to your EDC rotation today, check out White Mountain Knives at

There, you’ll find this tool and plenty of other Leatherman models at great prices – and if you need to find something else, just contact them at for assistance. They have excellent vendor relationships and may very well be able to find it for you, whatever it is.

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