Ranking factors are crucial things that all SEO experts should keep in mind. The SEO companies in Perth are well aware of these factors, and the experts appointed by them work accordingly.

If you have a website, you should also know about the on-page SEO factors affecting the ranking. You should always check if the experts follow the factors, and your website will gain rank on the SERP with time. Here are the factors you need to know about.

Consider giving a read if you already have a website or planning to open one

  1. Excellent content

One of the primary on-page SEO ranking factors is outstanding content, as it acts as one of the primary reasons people visit a website. Google always gives priority to the sites that publish engaging and informative content at regular intervals.

Another fact about content on the website is that it must match the content market’s demand. Generally, this is set by the algorithm update made by Google.

  • Content with links

The presence of backlinks is one of the main on-page SEO ranking factors. It makes the content readable and interesting. Moreover, people think your content has authority if it has proper backlinking. Google can always prioritize your web content if you give proper backlinking on it. As a result, the rank of your website increases a lot. 

  • URL

URL compression is yet another ranking factor of the on-page type. All URLs on your website should have proper URLs which are short. On the other hand, longer URLs can decrease the rank of your site as they are always not shareable. 

Moreover, the longer URLs have the potential risk of breaking anytime. You should remember that the broken URLs are the main reason why most viewers give up revisiting a website. This way, the traffic decreases in no time. As a result, you can see the SERP rank of your website going down.

  • Title tag

The title tag is the HTML line present at the search menu when a website is displayed. At times, it gets broken or spammed. It is the web designer’s work to check if all the title tags on a website are perfect. In the same way, an SEO expert has to provide proper exposure to these title tags to ensure the boost up of the rank. 

SEO experts often choose social networks and other web browsers to show the title tags to ensure their exposure. You should be aware that the homepage of your website shows up each time your title tag is shared on a social media platform. So, you can understand how it relates to social media marketing apart from just SEO. 


Knowing everything about the on-page SEO rank, you must know why you should hire an SEO company. The best you can do for now is look for the top SEO companies in Perth and choose one among them.

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