Let your hallways smile & shine with dazzling skylights and shield them with proper skylight cover

The entrance of your home isn’t just for welcoming your guests with glee. It provides a room to hang hats and coats while keeping those weathered sticks, umbrellas and boots. There are hallways with an appetite for storage options and smart benches.

With skylights, you can elegance and brightness to these inviting and multi-tasking entrances. It’s the perfect gateway to usher in abundant natural light. Hallways with skylight can make a dramatic visual impact. It has niche and flair of its own. The appeal, the panache and the vibe define everything.

If you have a boring, dark and bland entry way, a simple skylight can create a huge difference. When you have no windows and have limited space, you can go for skylights.

  • If you want something out of the box and don’t want to opt for an understated décor, you can combine the skylight with your hallway.
  • You can apply themes in hallways, such as Victorian, Mediterranean, and contemporary art décor.
  • There are ornate skylights that have tinted glass. They look amazing in vintage settings. Top it with a beautiful ceiling to enhance the look.

Designing hallways with skylight

Your home’s entrance provides much more than welcome to your rooms. Skylights provide plenty of natural energy to an otherwise uninteresting space.

  • If you want to shun that monotony and hum-drum feel of your entry way, a skylight can be a priceless idea.
  • Don’t forget to get the best skylight cover to protect it throughout the year, especially if you don’t stay at your place.

The opening of these areas plays a vital role. If your entrance has some stairs and then a hallway, you can follow them with skylights in order. You can find this style in many commercial establishments as well as large apartment complexes.

Retail malls, hotels, motels, and duplexes have skylights in exact order of the hallway. It creates uniformity and a feeling of attachment.

Curing your hallways

Many people want to know why property owners tend to avoid working on their hallways. For most people, the narrow lengths or scopes provide limited options. You need to remember that when you proportion your hallways with generosity and sincerity, it can make a world of difference.

  • If you have a floor plan, you need to check if you can install a window in the entrance of your home.
  • Traditional skylights are a viable option. However, it’s also an expensive option. Reason being, it requires a series of significant remodeling tasks and structural changes.
  • The SolatubeDaylighting System is a great option in this regard. It works amazingly well with almost all types of hallways.
  • It’s a more feasible alternative to conventional skylights. This system works in a very clever and effective manner.

It first captures sunlight on your roof and its device funnels the light down through the property in the concerned tube.


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