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Kratom/Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical deciduous evergreen tree within the coffee family. It is native to the Southeast Asian area, particularly in Malaysian and Indonesian floristic regions. The leaves of mitragyna speciosa have been used as a folk medicine for centuries by natives of these regions. For centuries, consume the properties of these leaves by directly chewing them and by boiling them in hot water- live kratom plants are known for their therapeutic properties and incredible natural components that can help enhance mood and productivity.

Kratom Tree & Kratom Leaves:

The kratom tree is known to grow up to 30 feet (9.1m) in height and 15 feet (4.6m) in width. However, some species could reach up to 70 feet (21m) tall. Moreover, the kratom tree growth is largely dependent on the environment and climate. The stems are branching and erect at the same time.

The active ingredient of kratom, known as alkaloids. These alkaloids are derived from the kratom trees’ leaves, which are dark green in color and can easily grow more than 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. Moving on, kratom leaves have an ovate-acuminate shape that grows in the opposite patterns.

The leaves of the kratom trees are also elliptic with a heart-shaped base. The tree’s flowers are round and of yellow color, growing in clusters at the end of branches. According to studies, there are approximately 40 alkaloids found in kratom leaves, including mitragynine, mitraphylline, and mitragynine pseudo indoxyl, and hydroxy mitragynine, which are considered the most active chemicals within the leaves. However, the amount of each alkaloid depends on various factors, including the tree’s location, strain, and age.

“Note: Trees found in Southeast Asian regions are more likely to consist of a high amount of mitragynine because of the particular climate conditions of the region. Kratom strain vary widely, and many of the kratom leaves’s effects completely depend on the conditions under which they are cultivated.”

Let’s take a quick look at the kratom seeds:

Many people love to grow their own kratom plants for a number of good reasons. And kratom seeds are in the limelight for a couple of years as people are trying to understand everything about the kratom seeds. However, whosoever is willing to grow kratom seeds; it is important for them to understand the growing kratom plant is not so easy because the kratom seeds only stay viable for a short period of time. Therefore, a grower has to look for a supplier or a vendor who can ship the seeds quickly under all the major guidelines.

“Note: Whenever you buy kratom seeds, ensure you only buy the high-quality seeds.”

How To Grow Kratom Plants From Seeds?

When intending to grow your own kratom, it is important to get fresh and high-quality seeds. The quality of the seeds matters a lot in the growth of good quality live kratom plants. If the kratom seeds are not fresh, your plant will not grow- kratom comes from a warm, tropical climate, and the weather is an important factor in the harvesting process.

The good growth of the kratom plants will require fertile soil that is extremely moist. Here, the soil must be able to drain freely. If your plant cannot drain perfectly, then there are chances that the plants will hit by the fungal that can destroy the growth of the kratom.
When the seeds are in the germination stage, your kratom plant will not require direct sunlight; therefore, here, you need to keep it out of full sunlight as full sunlight is detrimental to germination. Moving on, once you have crossed the germination, ensure you keep your plant well-fed. If the soil is not moisturized, then your plants would not grow in good condition.

Quick Tips To Keep In Mind While Growing Kratom Plants:

  • Look for the moist area to harvest live kratom. Ensure there is a proper drainage system.
  • Avoid dry places.
  • Use as many seeds as possible for good plants.
  • Kratom needs proper natural light; therefore ensure you expose them with proper sunlight.
  • Pick a place with a regular breeze. It helps in growing healthy plants.
  • Ensure to give the plants proper nutrition. Always use quality fertilizers and food.

Moving on, while growing kratom plants, ensure to take help from the experienced growers or research about the stages of kratom plants so that you can take care of them properly. Besides, you can also directly buy live kratom plants online and offline; just find the best store.


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