London Gates Review 2021: Is This Broker Providing A Secure Way of Exceptional Trade Execution?

In a trading platform, security and reliability are my top most checks. For the last three years, I have encountered a lot of trading companies as per my business requirements. The majority of the online trading companies’ execution tactics are too close to gambling where our money is at the stake. I got fed-up on online trading platforms when I realized that I have no solid transaction understanding for my financial transactions and my profitability is controlled by the broker’s choice. Many hidden charges and taxes, which customers usually don’t bother to pay, leave a question maker in my mind regarding the company’s assurance.

My last trading company disappointed me when its server crashed and due to poor backup software, it cost me the loss of transaction records and some money too. After that terrible experience, I’ve decided not to do online transactions ever but as per my business requirements, I can’t cut it out completely. Thus, I started checking all the trading platforms critically and see which one can provide more security to the customers.

There are hundreds of online trading companies available in the market, each presented by a fancy portfolio with innovative features that make it difficult to choose for investors and they mostly overlook their actual requirements. During my search for a reliable online trading platform, I first made a list of services I want, for example, the latest and reliable software, broker’s policies, data security and company’s assurance, etc. as per my business requirements. With this check-list, I critically analyzed the available companies in the market and selected those which could serve me best. After filtering out my top picks to see which one can meet my expectations of secure and reliable trading execution, the only name I came up with was London Gates.

Those of you who have been in the trading business know how difficult it is to find all of these qualities from a single platform but London Gates is the one who is determined to meet all such possible requirements. As a person with decades of trading business experience, I have well-defined criteria for trading platforms before selecting the one which suits best for my business so do you and all the people who are thinking to come into this business line. I know how important it is to make good choices on the road to success. That’s why I kept the other options in-line too while assessing and comparing its services and execution policies with others until I was fully satisfied.

Certain features like the latest software, technology framework used, reliable investment policies, security assurance as well as customer support, etc. are something which one should be careful about before adopting the trading platform as it will pay you in the long run. Some of you might think that I have too many expectations from every aspect to fulfil from an online-broker, but I have my reasons for it. As an investor, I should opt for a platform that provides me with secure and lucrative trading services meeting the latest trends.

I know my expectations are high, but after reading the customers’ reviews about London Gates, I’m hopeful that it’s a worthy online trading platform. During my last six months of experience, I have scrutinized this platform in many aspects and I’m very much satisfied with the progress I have made in the trading market. Your experience might vary from mine but one thing is for sure, this platform is ascertained to meet its customers’ expectations. To see how I found this platform to be a secure and better one, let’s have a look at its features.

The Cutting Edge Technology

In the year 2021, one cannot compromise over technology especially when it comes to an online platform. In my previous experience, I have used many trading platforms and clearly, I know how important it is to trade on an up-to-date platform for business growth as it will surely add new opportunities. After choosing LondonGates, I compared its technological features with other brokers and its cutting-edge technology always managed to beat others. It is one of the main reasons why people rely on it in the trading market.

Its innovative web graphics and design interference are exemplary. It’s a user-friendly website which makes it more understandable that this would increase its credibility in terms of the bestcustomer experience. The only thing I want to improve is to add more viewing options for given tutorial videos.

LondonGates has one of the few online brokerage software which is functional on multiple portable-devices which a user can easily access at any time, from any corner of the globe. This feature was the centrepiece of my criteria and attention. I can access my accounts and modulate them from laptops as well as from my smart-phone browser. Along with the well-designed software, it provides convenience to contact will people and make the contacts manageable. In my point of view, the only barrier I have faced during my six months of experience is, it only operates in the English language which makes its understanding and applicability limited to many traders. All and all, I found an amazing workstream in this platform which I haven’t seen in other online brokers.

Investment Categories

London Gates is one of the few online brokerage trading platforms which provides five different types of investment options to trade over 200 assets for its users, as per their requirements. These categories are Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Forex, and Indices. I was interested in using this platform as it provides different opportunities to trade, not only in the stock market but also over commodities like economic goods, different currencies including cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash too, meanwhile, pointing out the associated risks of such booming investments. Including such disclaimers on their website is very thoughtful of them as the user must know the risks which also makesLondon Gates, a trustworthy trading platform.

Five Types of Accounts

As a broker, London Gates provides five different account types to its users, namely Self-Managed, Personal, Honors, Select, and Wealth Management. Such variety compels the users to specify their requirements so that brokers could cater to them more efficiently. This platform grasped my attention because of its standardized process of registration and security policies at all levels. I opted for the self-managed account as I wanted to give this platform a try, this account type has fewer deposit requirements, starting from $250 that is affordable. For user’s feasibility, all the accounts have deposit options via credit and debit cards, e-wallets as well as a bank wire transfer. With this account, I can trade on any asset provided by the broker and upgrade my account anytime I want. The overall security and transparency in trading reflect the broker’s concerns about costumer’s satisfaction and thus, assure secure trading execution.

Service Quality

The London Gates provides a remarkable quality of service to its users along with next-generation technology. The broker has unlimited potential in the stock market as well as in contract for differences (CFD) trading for experienced traders that is one of my major goals. After comparing this platform with other online trading brokerages, you will be amazed to know that it charges the least amounts of commission which makes it a trader’s first choice. Their negative balance protection service makes sure that our money is in safe hands.

Its modern designed tools are convenient to use yet customizable. The user can change the account labels, intervals or personalize charts, etc. from customer settings which I found very useful during my trading session. The best thing about its work area offers no interruptions and its optimization on handy devices, making trading faster and easier.

If you have time, take out your device and go to this amazing trading platform for creating your account right now. As per my experience, the London Gates first impression is so captive that you will be impressed. 

The customer support service of this platform is exceptional, all you need to do is go to the fill-in form provided on the website, attach a picture of where you are facing an issue along with your written query to get the customer representative’s assistance within twenty seconds via a live chat or email. To connect with the administration, a separate section is available. My experience with their customer support service was great as they are responsive and resolve all my clues so that I could utilize my investments more efficiently. They guide the newbies with basics so that they can understand the technicalities. So, feel free to ask anything which troubles you as apparently, this broker knows how to prioritize the client’s satisfaction.

Education Centre

If you want further assistance in trading, there is a section, named an education centre on the website which is allotted to enhance the user’s knowledge regarding technical terms used in the trading market, current market trends, and online trading. For your understanding, there are e-Book and Glossary portions too. This feature makes the London Gates, an excellent online trading broker which also proves to be a resource centre to guide people in their trading journey. While you will notice that the information provided lacks the refresh option, I am hoping the company does more to introduce access to external resources of information as well.

Take Away

For those who are looking for an online trading platform, London Gates is a secure and reliable option in the long run. I have shared my past six months of experience as so far it has been quite satisfactory. This platform provides transparent trading which helped build my trust in online trading.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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