Low-Key Brides: Convincing Reasons to Choose a Small Engagement Ring

Recently a friend of mine got engaged to her childhood love with the destination engagement party in Dubai. The couple always was eccentric about their travel diaries and so they mutually decided to make it a destination festivity. Everything was fine, being toasted with the drinks and bundle of joys the happy couple was. But there was one thing that every person could stop talking about. The engagement ring. Tony, The fiance, had bought the engagement ring in Dubai as a surprise just the way he knew his partner would like but it begins with the questioning parade

Why so small?” everyone kept asking. I could see the fear of surprise turned to irritation to annoyment soon enough as my darling friend had to keep answering the same thing over and over again, “because I didn’t want a big fat rock sitting on my finger!” 

I could totally get her. Being the travel freak she was she wasn’t keen on wearing heavy jewelry ever or even her engagement ring for that matter. 

Low-brides are keen on the idea of happy moments and special occasions but nothing too glittery or flashy. Being the modern woman you do not need the big might rock on your finger as long as you are in love with the right person. And obviously, there’s nothing wrong with it too. 

A Non-Frivolous Spending 

Luckily women with a sane mind and financial core had come a long way since the times when they said “the bigger the better” instead now most are of the point of view that “the smaller the better”.

There are a lot of expenses that come with a big announcement. If you want to put together a lifestyle that suits you well then is it really wise to spend a good fortune on the engagement ring only? Even paying off college debt is hard enough. As a practical thinker one has to agree that it’s not the size of the diamond that makes a happy bond but the love and commitment can be shown with a smaller rock too. 

Size Doesn’t Mean Guarantees 

Does a large engagement ring a happily ever after? Nada girl! If it was the core of the blissful marriage then none of our favorite Hollywood couples would have broken up or divorced. Surprinslgy it’s all the other way around. 

It doesn’t come as a surprise when according to one study it was concluded that the engagements with smaller rings had resulted in successful marriages. The reason is simple: it’s not how expensive your material things are. It’s that simple. This idea works in favor of low-key brides. The gem is only the part of your happiness, not the “only means of happiness” so remember that when you intend to marry. 

Relax Shopping Experience 

Upon asking myself how he landed on such a cutesy piece for a ring, Tony had one reply, “it was far easier to find a small engagement ring in Dubai than my imagination. The ring hunt took less than an hour”. 

The bigger the chunk of rock is the higher the anticipation and stress levels are. Most of you may agree that finding the “right ring” is what it is all about despite the size. Women who wear more expensive rings tend to be twice more nervous on their big day. Wearing a smaller ring is a more preferable and sound choice if you want to relax and mingle with everyone. 

Easy to Use Hands

Okay so, wearing a big ring and working as a painter? Not such a great idea for a painting or even for the ring itself. The height of the diamond above the rings is several millimeters. The bigger the diamond is the higher space is. For some, it may not be a problem but let’s say you are a doctor who needs to keep washing her hands or you’re into the woodwork and have to wear gloves or so how long will the ring last? Or what if you lose it mistakenly?

This will Create Serious Problems.

A smaller ring, in a comfortable size, gives you more access to use your hands freely however you want. You do not have to abstain from your hobbies or from your line of work either. 

So yes, Maintaining a Low Profile is Perfectly Fine!

Well, this is the primary reason for choosing the small engagement ring. Flaunting the ring is not for everyone. Showing off is fun but how long will it last? If a small engagement ring defines your personality then for a low profile person this is the best choice to make. 

What Do You Guys Think?

 What would be our choice for an engagement ring at the end of the day?

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