M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Studio Reference Monitors Reviews

M-Audio is a highly reputable company, and you can be sure that anything you purchase from them is going to be top quality, including this studio monitor set. The M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Studio reference monitors offers a perfect sound experience at affordable prices. The newer models such as this one are upgraded from previous models, and now include features like improved driver incorporation and precision engineered sound accuracy.

These best studio monitor speakers under 100 are practically indestructible, having been constructed from Kevlar, which is the same material used for making bulletproof vests and helmets. This means you will be able to use these monitors for years or decades to come, and they will always look as stylishly good as new as the day you bought them. There is virtually nothing you can do to these monitors to break them or make them look damaged. That is an excellent feature in any studio monitor, be it in a professional studio or a hobbyist one.

M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Studio Reference Monitors Reviews

The cones on these monitors are curved and combined with temperature resistant sound coils, which are surrounded by tempered rubber to offer long lasting quality. The drivers are tough and can perform at whatever level you require, even taking on the highest of frequencies with ease. The drivers are also protected from electromagnetic interference, so you can have perfect, smooth enjoyment of these monitors for a long time to come, maybe even as long as you are in the music business. These monitors are made for the duration of a career, that is how durable they are.

In addition, the new wave guide provides and sustains the best imaging in the industry, and there is a trans reducer built in that eliminates any background crackles to provide a clean, crisp bass sound, every time.

These monitors come with these impressive features:

  • Standalone application designed for audio restoration
  • Removes hiss, buzz, clicks and crackles
  • Repairs distortion and gaps in audio
  • Spectral Repair re-synthesis
  • automatically rebuild clipped sections of audio
  • Magnetically Shielded
  • Rear-Ported Cabinet Design
  • Bi-Amplified Efficiency
  • Silk-Dome, Wave guide-Loaded, High-Frequency Drivers

The LCD screen is extra durable, and is not able to be damaged by magnetic waves emitted by your monitors. This means you can place the monitors on your desk top to free up space in your studio for other equipment. The design of the monitors is very aesthetically pleasing, so it looks good in any studio environment. The monitors have rounded off corners that eliminate diffraction, and the rear port is expertly designed to give minimal disturbance, so little you will not even notice if there is any. Audio gaps are expertly eliminated, and damaged audio is restored with ease thanks to the monitors’ built in spectrum analysis algorithm and audio restoration mechanism.

These monitors guarantee you a precise sound experience, with perfect reproduction of sound, including percussion and percussive qualities of sound, because of the high tech design and research that went into building these delightful studio monitors just for you.

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