ManCapitalGroup Review 2021: Is This Broker Worth Your Trust?


The information that you search for an online brokerage firm cannot be trusted blindly. On the internet, though the information is so vast many sources for that information are unreliable. The information is not the same on all the sites. It varies a lot, too. This leads to difficulty in trusting a particular chunk of data.

In this regard, you yourself are the best judge of character when it comes to selecting your particular firm. You can evaluate yourself best as a trader and see how a particular trading firm can cater to your needs the most. Online brokerage firms are not similar to anyone. They differ a lot in their technology and service features. In this competitive age, every platform wants to out-do the other, so they keep upgrading their features a lot.

Your portfolio should keep on thriving if look towards a successful business empire. This can only be achieved if you realize that you cannot cease your performance in any way. The global market is changing every day, and your performance should be on par with it.

Online brokerage platforms offer extremely advanced technological features. There is fierce competition everywhere and the survival of the fittest has never been proven more correct. Speaking of all these service features, they are available on the internet and are very user-friendly. You can access these features quite literally at the tips of your fingers.

The technology that is associated with these features makes it easy for you to run your business smoothly and effectively. For over seven years, I have been in this trading business. If I look back some years, things were totally different. Everything has taken a hundred- and eighty-degree turn. Things that were deemed expensive or difficult to use are easily available on the internet and are extremely accessible in their use.

I have been affiliated with ManCapitalGroup for a year and a half. My experience in this industry got me very specific on certain details about a trading platform. My preferences changed over the course of time and now, I look for a platform that offers a broader vision and scope on the integration of trade strategies. That said, ManCapitalGroup has managed to satisfy me in this area for as long as I have been their customer.

I will not be biased in my review of this platform, so you can have a thorough understanding of the functionality of this platform. That way you can decide if this platform works for you or not through a secondhand experience.

A Look at The Layout of The Platform

After you click on the site, the main web page appears. It is quite distinct in its colour theme with its dark backdrop. I am not a big fan of the dark theme but I have to say they provide all the necessary and required information in the layout. The simple, straightforward layout has all the information under specific headings. The information is very categoric for each heading and is not meant to be confusing in any way for the reader. Through this, you can easily go to your relevant page and any clutter can be avoided. The technology that the platform uses is very creative and keeps you engaged. The graphic designs elevate this property and make everything more innovative and interactive.

As a trader, I particularly enjoy those platforms that feature mainstream trading. The basic framework of the platform stays in place. This was a pleasant surprise for me. Many trading platforms used today are full of these innovations that become more harmful than useful. It is easy to divert from the path while going over these engaging innovations. Novice traders may find it to be frustrating as they can lose their way quite easily. They may also struggle in trusting the reliability of a platform.

ManCapitalGroup is a good choice in that way. It is aligned in a way that makes it easy for traders to go to their destination path and avoid any distractions. The service options are particularly handy in this case. There are related pages such as Trading Platform, Education Centre, Account Types, and Other Info.

Security Regulation of The Platform

There are many spam servers nowadays. When I first got into trading, I ran into some, too. That is why I was so apprehensive when I first looked into these online trading platforms. My sensitive information also got lost on these servers. It had taken a lot of my extra efforts to file all those complaints and recover my lost documentations.

Due to this, I always go over the security regulations of a platform. ManCapitalGroup helped me a lot in that area. They ensure the safety of all the data the clients provide them with. The security policies of the group were very transparent and I was well-acquainted with the procedure. All of my worries were considerably lessened once I was ensured by the security regulations of the platform.

For registration on the platform, you need to provide them with your full name and your email address. Both things are verified by them, afterwards. Your email address is verified as soon as you click the link that was sent to your inbox.From there, you will have proceeded to the next step where it will be requested that you give your government-issued national identity card. The procedure may take some time but because they are so thorough in this verification process, they tend to avoid any violation against market laws.

All the security protocols fulfil after you go through the verification process. The Legal Section on the main page can provide clients with information regarding the terms and conditions of the platforms. To ensure that clients are well aware of all the risks that come with online trading, there is a Disclaimer at the end of the page. These risks can occur even with Contract for Differences (CFD). The platform pretty much runs everything including all the transactions so that everything keeps on running smoothly and efficiently.

Advanced Tools

The chart is one of the advanced and essential tools to make it easy for you to make trading reports, keep track of the current scenarios of the market and evaluate it accordingly. Line charts are easy to interpret. You can set your chart according to what you prefer. The chart can be zoomed in or out. Chart indicators are very important when you want to flag positions. A colour range in these indicators would have been more helpful because overlapping can be avoided, then.

The use of instructive tools will be beneficial for new traders to help out them in the industry. That said, the tools and their layouts are very different from other platforms that I have worked with.

Education Centre

In order to teach the new traders, the art of trading, the platform provides reliable sources of information. This information is readily available to the clients in the forms of eBooks to Glossary. If your learning style is different, the platform also accommodates that. They provide a range of options for different learning types. You have the option of choosing your desired one from that range.

In the case of certain queries, selective FAQs are also lined up to help out the clients. Personally, these FAQs were really helpful and informative for me. They have easy access and are lined under specific sections. One drawback that I found about the platform regarding this was that the information is not refreshed a lot, so the platform lacks in providing new informational sources.

But the platform is really good when it comes to taking feedback, so I am very hopeful that they will do something in this area really soon. The information that they have provided is completely credible and is accessible for use by both the novice as well as an experienced trader.

Client Support

There is very stable communication between the clients and the platform. ManCapitalGroup goes to extra length to support their clientele and ease their worries and difficulties, especially in terms of trading. This utter support cannot be claimed by other online platforms out there.

The client support is done through a range of options, including the phone call option, live chat option, or email option. If speaking on the phone makes you anxious, you can choose the option of live chat. When I had used the latter option, the service operators were very effective and answered all of my questions and queries.

If there is a lot of traffic on the site, the process may slow down a bit but, in that case, the option of email can be adopted, too. They immediately send a queue number to your inbox.

Last Remarks

ManCapitalGroup helped me in building up my profile with its technologically advanced features and tools. Their reputation is top-notch in the global market. Traders who want to grow and improve should opt for this platform. Their business with definitely increase and they will not be disappointed.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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