Medical Treatment 602 Visa- Get Your Treatment Done In Australia

Are you one of those people who are planning  to go for a medical treatment in Australia or take someone who needs a medical treatment in Australia then nothing can be the best then applying for Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602 . Basically medical treatment 602 is the best for those people who are visiting Australia for medical consultancy in Australia. After lodging this visa, this visa grant you the right to remain in Australia until your treatment is done. Apart from this, your family member who are supporting you under the treatment can also eligible for this visa. Not only that, this visa is also applicable for those who are donating organ to someone.

What Can Be Done With 602 Visa?

You will get 602 visa lodge from the department of home affairs. Once you get your visa issue, you will be able to attain various benefits with this visa.

  • First thing you can do is study a short term course not more than 3 months. If you are eligible, then you can also study more in Australia.
  • Until your visa is valid, you can stay in Australia.
  • It will grant you multiple entries not an single entries. In case you want to visit Australia for a checkup after your treatment, you can do that uninterruptly.

Medical Treatment Visa 602 Requirements

To apply for visa 602, you have to submit several documents. If this is the first time you are applying for this visa then you might be confused what are the documents needed and to be arranged. Under that circumstance, you can contact Migration Agent Perth for your visa assistance. They will guide you can consult you accordingly.

For a briefing, here is some of the essential and important documents requirements here-. Have A look-

  • Arrange for the money before hand to avoid last minute chaos.
  • A document signed stating that you respect the rules, regulations and law of the country.
  • Proof that you are a genuine visitor.
  • Age specification is needed.
  • Character and health requirements should be meet.
  • Be financially strong to bare the country expenses.
  • Apply for the visa according to your need and according to the ligibility

Eligibility Criteria for The Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602      

There are various important points that you need to consider as an individual who will undergo a treatment or get an organ for someone who is travelling with you. If you are not aware about the points then it is will difficult for you under the application process and after lodging your 602 Visa.

Here are the eligibility Criteria for visa subclass 602

  1. Visa Application instructions-

In order to obtain this visa, you must be travelling with the person who is able to give you the organ. If this is not the situation, you have to wait until   the Department of Health makes all the arrangements for you after you enter the country. You can speak to the migration agent regarding the medical treatment policy in Australia.

2. Uninterrupted payment process-

You have to make sure that you have enough money with you so that there is no last minute chaos and for the smooth process. Doing this will prevent the government of Australia from spending money. So make sure that all the required amount is available with you for your treatment and living.

3.  Visa Status-

Your visa status should be correctly stated. It not show any statement that it was cancelled in the past otherwise there is a chance of getting your visa rejected.

Visa 602 Checklist

It will be very much beneficial for you if you maintain all the checklist regarding the 602 visa. Doing this will help you in not missing any document or nay vital information.

Here is some of the checklist stated below-

  • Make sure to get your health checkup before applying for visa 602.
  • Get your character and health documents with you.
  • Get your identity card, financial statement, clearing certificate etc ready with you.
  • Make a copy of each document along with the original documents with you. When asked can hand over to them accordingly.
  • Once your visa is applied, you have to wait till you get any information about the application.
  • 602 Visa can be applied from anywhere without any restrictions and without any hassle.
  • If your visa is approved, you will get the notification about the same. Your date and expiry visa date as well.
  • If 602 visa is rejected, you will get the notification along with the reason of the rejection.
  • Keep in mind, you will not receive any sort of refund or partial refund if your visa is rejected. Don’t expect any sort of refund from the government side.

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