Build A Complete Technology On Demand Sanitizing App Suite To Empower Your Business

In the wake of the pandemic, practicing safety precautions has taken the center stage. Regularly sanitizing the space has become the need of the hour now. Sanitizing your surrounding is the best way to minimize virus transmission and that’s when the On Demand Sanitizing App comes in.

COVID19 has disrupted lives and businesses globally. Businesses can’t afford to stay lockdown thus, sanitizing the space is the best possible solution to keep virus infection at bay. Witnessing the growing demand for sanitizing services, startups and entrepreneurs have started developing On Demand Sanitization App. The sanitizing services market is new and growing and shows no signs of slowing down, so what’s stopping you to make one?

Why Develop On Demand Sanitizing App?

Obviously, to earn more profits.

Any sanitization service provider company that is having its own On Demand Sanitizing App is surely going to improve consumer traction, boosting engagement resulting in more profits. And you are not stopping here.

The On Demand Sanitization App is going to expand and grow scaling up your sanitization business, enhancing your online presence making you popular. 

Regardless, you own a sanitization business or you are a startup and have no clue about this business but still having an On-Demand Sanitize App can be the perfect solution to venture into On Demand app market that is growing in leaps and bounds. Aren’t these reasons enough to create an amazing, smart intuitive On Demand Sanitizing App?

Let’s move further.

Types Of On Demand Sanitizing App Business Models

Yes, another question that most of you might be wondering about what kind of business model will be suitable?

Independent Sanitization Service App

This app is suitable for those who are already running independent sanitization services and wish to venture into On Demand industry. The app manages your sanitization bookings, staff, earning management, and more through the dynamic dashboard.

Aggregator Model

The On-Demand Sanitization App is perfect for those who do not have a sanitizing business but, still wish to venture. Developing an aggregator app model acts like a marketplace that will have a list of sanitizing service providers (including independent professionals) where the users get to choose their santization needs. It is the most preferred business model today where it lets you generate steady multiple incomes.

Niche Service App

This can be the combination of both model suggested above – independent ones and aggregator. The business model will have only specific sanitization service/service providers listed on the app that serves only niche sanitization services.

How To Monetize Your On Demand Sanitizing App

If you are thinking that an app will limit your earnings through sanitization bookings you are wrong. There are multiple ways where you can monetize the app such as:

  • Charging a commission on every sanitization service booked
  • Charging a small amount as a membership fee
  • Offering referrals and loyalty programs
  • Running 3rd party banner ads
  • Promoting “feature service providers” by charging them a fixed amount
  • Charging for promoting sanitization services

Key Features Of On Demand Sanitization App

User panel

  • Social media signup login
  • Browse and search services
  • Advanced search
  • Book now and schedule later
  • See past orders
  • Add to cart services
  • Confirm and make payment
  • Real-time tracking of a service provider
  • Feedback and ratings

Service provider panel

  • The social media signup registration
  • Profile management
  • Get real-time requests
  • Confirm bookings
  • Manage availability
  • Service history
  • Earning management

Admin panel

  • Manage service providers and user profiles
  • Manage service listings
  • Verify the service provider professionals document
  • Manage bookings
  • Manage service listings
  • Promotions and referrals
  • Analytics and reporting on a real-time basis
  • God’s view of the entire business activities

Importance Of Finding A Professional On Demand App Development Company?

To develop a well-versed, functional On Demand Santizing App, it is crucial to have a professional On-Demand App partner that understands your business requirements and provides you with a brilliant scalable On Demand sanitization app.

Make sure to past check their client testimonials, including ratings of the app launched in the App Store/ Play Store. This will give you better clarity to choose the right mobile app development company.


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