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Perks of having a Pediatrician for Your Child?


There is nothing more important to parents than their child’s health and wellness. You might be considering using your family doctor for your child’s primary care or even just taking them to urgent care locations if they become sick or get injured. It may not be the best choice.

A dedicated Pediatrician, such as the Pediatric health group of SenaitAdebo, is always the best choice for your child’s healthcare. Here are some reasons why you should establish care with a pediatrician to ensure your child’s continued health.

Pediatricians Are Specialists

Your children aren’t mini adults. They have unique medical needs that are different from adults. Therefore, their healthcare providers need to be well-versed, trained, and experienced in dealing with their unique health problems and needs.

Pediatricians are Children health care specialists. In addition to going to medical school, theycompleted a residency – a special training focused solely on Pediatrics and Child health for several years and have experience with childhood health issues. A pediatrician will review and ensure your child’s growth and development, immunizations are on track and treatcommon childhood diseases, and inherited disorders.

Pediatricians are Experienced in Treating Children

While a family medicine doctor can treat kids and adults of all ages, Pediatricians exclusively treat babies, toddlers, children, and adolescents. It allows them to focus their education, training, and practice on kids’ needs.

A good Pediatrician knows how to handle kids’ fear of doctors, fear of needles, tantrums, and worried parents. And the best thing is that treatment is affordable and covered by insurance. For instance, one of the low-cost health care groups, SenaitAdebo, is known to provide effective and affordable healthcare.

Furthermore, a Pediatric specialist will know when your child needs to see a specialist. If there’s a disorder or disease a child may be suffering from and needs the instant attention of a specialist, the child’s pediatrician will be able to make a trustworthy referral among their colleagues.

Pediatricians can Manage Child’s Mental Health Issues

Pediatricians don’t solely treat problems associated with your child’s body only—they are also trained in children’s mental health. If your child experiences depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc., your Pediatrician will know and be able to take the necessary steps.

In many cases, they’ll be able to diagnose and treat the problem. Furthermore, if the issue is beyond their expertise range, they can make an appropriate referral to a child psychiatrist or psychologist.


Pediatricians are trained to:

•             Provide appropriate care of acute illness to prevent its progression.

•             Guide you in anticipating your child’s needs from newborn to 21.

•             Offer advice to prevent illness and injuries.

•             Treat life-threatening childhood conditions requiring intensive care.

•             Help you determine a healthy lifestyle for your child.

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