Promising Young Woman – An Exceptional Directorial Debut

Let’s get it straight from the beginning that Promising Young Woman is not a conventional revenge story that you have made up your mind for. It definitely carries a revengeful narrative but in a very contemporary sense. It’s a thriller, but not the sort of thriller that you usually see. It’s a dark comedy, but it will go far from one single punchline.   

While I was just randomly looking for good internet connections, I came across spectrum internet packages and got the connection because I moved to a different place. Luckily, I found out that Promising Young Woman was released, and the cinephile that I am, I immediately ordered the tickets. What makes me profoundly impressed with this movie is that it is nothing like the previous films produced in the name of thriller, comedy, and revenge. It will blow your mind and leave your mouth half-opened as the different sequential events unfold.    

Soon enough, you will reach a point where you’d realize that you are watching something extraordinarily special and game-changing. The movie digs its clasps in you by giving you some unexpected thrills. In between the bittersweet swings of the movie, at one moment, you will come across a brilliant big laugh – and the next moment, it is in an extremely wound-up situation.   

Opening Sequences of the Movie  

We first see Cassandra Thomas or Cassie (Carey Mulligan) at a bar and about to blackout. You don’t want to believe this, as she isn’t actually going to pass out. Instead, she is only setting up a trap to lure up the morons into a situation that will put them in a delicate moment of conviction about what they had been doing!  

Now Cassie has this time after dropping out of her med school because of something terrible that happened to her best friend. Now she is living with her mother (Jennifer Coolidge) and her father (Clancy Brown) and works at a coffee shop. The boss (Laverne Cox), who she works for, is aware of her potential to do more incredible things in life.  

The movie shows Cassandra to be heavily consumed up by the past events that made her give up her promising career as a doctor and instead live a life of a nobody. She doesn’t seem to let go of the haunting memories and what happened to her best friend. She aims a point where she’d shoot not so quickly but consistently until she avenges everyone who she thinks is responsible for what happened.  

However, Cassie could never foresee the appearance of her former classmate Ryan (Bo Burnham), who totally overpower her and makes her interrogate her life decisions.   

Carey Mulligan’s Performance as Cassie  

The Movie “Promising Young Woman” is considered the best performance by Carey Mulligan so far. Knowing her impressive roles, you can imagine how good she did in the role of Cassie. Cassandra Thomas is quite complicated as the main lead – but not as intoxicated as it feels in the beginning. You will definitely fall for her in the very few moments that she is revealed.   

The role doesn’t require her to be soft – or angry. It demands anger as in being hurt, and sharpness as in being smart. When her former classmate Ryan shows up, you can clearly see the confusion and resistance she feels around him because of sensing the happiness around her but not being able to live it fully.  

Promising Young Woman is a phenomenal Christmas present for everyone, and its hype has increased ever since its trailer premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. From January to December, it had been in constant curiosity. To add to top of it, the movie proves to be the best movie of the year and the one people will talk about for many years as it will leave a huge impact.   

Visuals of the Promising Young Woman  

Having a directorial eye of such a capable writer and director as Emerald Fennell could leave any script to leave effects. Luckily, the movie has the collaborations of highly talented cinematographer Benjamin Kracun, costume designer Nancy Steiner, and production designer Michael Perry. Nancy Steiner’s choice of using the bold color palette for the protagonist role of Cassie strikes amazingly because of the intense hues of blues and red.   

Wrapping Up  

Promising Young Woman has been released on December 25th, 2020, and it proves to be super qualifying in the genre of both thriller, revenge, and dark humor. We can say that the story presents a hideous reality in such an aesthetic way that it hits differently. The mix is an ultimate killer. You can watch the movie online with a fast internet connection or check out spectrum internet packages if you don’t have one. 


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