Prostate Cancer Medicine | Enzana capsule – Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and Precautions

Enzana capsule is an anti-cancer medicine, Usually used to treat prostate cancer in men. Enzana 40mg contains Enzalutamide components used in hormone therapy. It is a prescription medicine that only can be prescribed by a medical oncologist.

How to use Enzana 40mg Capsule

• Enzana 40mg Capsules taken orally.
• Take this medicine as prescribed by your doctor on the suggested time and time duration should be followed daily on a regular basis.
• Take the capsule at a time and consume it without chew crush or break.
• You can take it with or without food as advised by your doctor.
• Take the suggested quantity of dose.
• An overdose of these capsules or consumption in a wrong way can convey you to serious side effects.
• Complete treatment may take time some weeks or months to stay in regular touch with your doctor.
• If you see improvement in test reports and your health still do not stop the treatment unless your doctor permits you.

Benefits Of Enzana 40mg Capsule

 Enzana 40mg Capsule is a well-known medicine for Prostate cancer and only can be prescribed by a qualified doctor. Enzana Capsule work on the prostate gland. It is a small walnut-sized gland in men and produces a fluid called seminal fluid, which nourishes and transports sperms in males. These capsules help stop or decrease cancer cells’ growth by reducing the amount of testosterone in men.

Side Effects of Enzana Capsule

During the treatment, A patient can feel side effects like Headache, weakness, hot flashes, high blood pressure, yellowing of the skin, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, dark urine, and skin rashes. These symptoms might be observed as side effects. Regular blood tests are required to monitor your health by checking your blood cells and liver function during treatment with this medicine. During the treatment, your skin might be more sensitive towards sunlight, hence take extra caution while going out.

Precautions During the Treatment with Enzana Capsule

Before taking the treatment with Enzana Capsules must tell your doctor. Suppose you are a patient of diabetes, seizures, liver problem, or kidney problems. Tell your doctor if you are consuming any other medicine to treat infections or some other disease. It is necessary to ensure your doctor about all medications you are using. This medication is not suggested during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and use trusted contraception by both males and females during this treatment; it is essential to avoid pregnancy. If you are conceiving then let your doctor know. Do not consume expired or damaged medication.

How to Store Enzana Capsule 

• Enzana Capsules should be store at room temperature in, cool and dry place.
• Keep these capsules away from direct sunlight.
• Keep the medicine box away from the reach of children.
• Keep safe the cotton, container, or paper to secure the potency of capsules.
• Read the label carefully to know details about medicines.
• Do not freeze the medication.

Cost of Enzana Capsules 

Prices may vary differently in different medical stores; you can compare Enzana Capsule prices online and at the medical store. But You can get the benefit to buy online Enzana Capsule due to various offers, discounts, and sales on multiple sites. It is essential to purchasing medicine only from a trusted site.

Substitutes Of Enzana Capsules

Treatment with Enzana Capsules is most recommended. Still, it is not relieving your health or impacting lousy side effects then you can change them with some other substitute after consulting your doctor. 

• Obnyx 40mg Capsule
• Glenza 40mg Capsules
• Azel 40mg Capsules
• Bdenza 40 mg Capsules

Enzana Capsule has been prescribed for you to treat prostate cancer, remember the important things as follows. Take the doses as prescribed by the doctor if any severe side effects immediately talk to your doctor. Go for the regular test to monitor results during the treatment.


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