QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or Not Responding Error – Solutions to Troubleshoot

Here are the means by which you can resolve QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Error, not reacting or won’t open issues: 

QuickBooks accounting software smoothes out the business accounting process, yet it may have certain specialized tangles that can on occasion interfere with the working. According to the protests of QB clients, they are confronting an error while utilizing the software. QuickBooks has quit working issues that can be exceptionally irritating for the clients to handle. Along these lines, remembering that, we have concocted this article, where we will examine the different accessible answers for disposing of this sort of issue. With the assistance of this article, the client can get familiar with the approaches to handle the issue. QuickBooks has quit Working or QuickBooks isn’t reacting. 

Normal Issues with QuickBooks Desktop 

Following are the regular issues that you may look in your QuickBooks desktop: 

  • QuickBooks Not Working
  • QuickBooks Not Responding
  • QB Not Opening 
  • QuickBooks isn’t Online
  • QB Won’t Open
  • QuickBooks multi-client Mode Not Working 
  • QuickBooks Freezing Up
  • QB Backup not Working
  • QuickBooks Installation Error 
  • QuickBooks Has halted working
  • Sync Manager not Working
  • QB has Stopped working in multi-client 

Rundown of purposes for the event of the errors 

QuickBooks isn’t working or not reacting error is a usually experienced error, and can happen because of numerous reasons. Barely any potential causes are as per the following: 

  • The absolute first reason can be, the point at which the hard drive is tainted. 
  • Or then again you may have a harmed or missing QBWUSER.INI file may likewise wind up in this kind of issue. 
  • Harmed windows working systems can likewise go out to this error. 
  • In the event that your company file name is too long, at that point you may face such issues. 
  • Harmed QuickBooks installation can likewise be a legitimate reason for these sort of errors. 
  • Harmed program files or you may have defilement on your hard drive 
  • Low system assets can likewise be one of the choices causing the issue 

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

The accompanying side effects can assist the clients with recognizing the error and look for ideal arrangements: 

  • Your System closes down 
  • QuickBooks isn’t reacting or not working error message over and again goes ahead screen 
  • Gadget freezes and doesn’t react to inputs 
  • Your QB software doesn’t open 

Steps to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Has Stopped Working or not reacting error 

All things considered, QuickBooks quit working errors can be disappointing and tricky for the clients to handle. Accordingly, we will talk about the handy solutions to these errors that the clients can execute and make the software function admirably once more. Look at the accompanying activities to “fix QuickBooks has quit working or QuickBooks isn’t reacting issue”. 

Arrangement 1: Download and Use QuickBooks Refresher (QBRefresher) Tool 

This error can be addressed with the assistance of QB boost tool. This is a most exceptional tool that is extraordinarily intended to investigate QuickBooks normal errors by Intuit. Utilizing this tool may include certain means that are recorded beneath: 

  • Checkout the brisk strides to utilize this tool: 
  • Above all else, it is critical to close the QuickBooks software. 
  • The next advance is to ‘Download the QuickBooks Refresher Tool’ from here. 
  • The client is then needed to ‘Save’ this file on the PC. 
  • Also, when the download process finishes, hit the ‘Run’ alternative to execute the QBRefresher tool. 
  • This tool will consequently determine the running issue to have QuickBooks and furthermore will complete the needed settling strategies. 
  • To end the process, the client needs to open the QB and check if the issue is addressed. 

Arrangement 2: Run Quick Fix my Program from the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

Stage 1: Download and install the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

  • A portion of the normal errors can be effectively fixed with QuickBooks Tool hub. 
  • The absolute initial phase in this process is to close QuickBooks 
  • And afterward, download the QuickBooks tool hub file. Followed by saving it someplace it tends to be effortlessly gotten to 
  • The next advance is to open the file downloaded before 
  • And afterward complete the on-screen directions to install and consent to the terms and conditions 
  • What’s more, in conclusion, after the install completes, the client needs to double tap the symbol on the windows desktop to open the tool hub 

Stage 2: The next advance is to run Quick fix my program from the tool hub 

  • It ought to be noticed that the Quick fix will close down any open foundation processes the software employments. This tool will run a snappy fix on the program. 
  • For this, the client needs to choose the program issues in QuickBooks tool hub 
  • And afterward select the handy solution my program 
  • From that point forward, open QuickBooks desktop and afterward open the data file 

Stage 3: Run QuickBooks install symptomatic tool from the tool hub 

  • The QuickBooks install symptomatic tool analyzes and fixes the issue all alone and fixes harm with Microsoft segments QuickBooks program employments. 
  • The absolute initial step to do is to open the QuickBooks tool hub, if its not open in cutting edge 
  • And afterward, the client needs to choose the installation issues, in the tool hub 
  • Followed by choosing the QuickBooks install symptomatic tool. 
  • Now, let the tool run and hang tight for at some point, as it may require as long as 20 minutes or more. 
  • In lion’s share of the cases, the tool may distinguish or detect the issue and fix it quickly. A couple of basic strides without least human mediation would work with QBInstall analytic tool. 
  • Initially, download the ‘QBInstall tool’ and afterward Install it on the system. 
  • Likewise, make a point to close all the foundation running projects. 
  • Now, the client needs to hit the ‘Run’ button on the QBInstall tool. 
  • It ought to be noticed that the tool will require as long as 20 minutes for scanning the progressing issues with QuickBooks. 
  • Once the ‘Scan process’ reaches a conclusion, the tool will consequently determine and fix issues to have Microsoft parts QB program employments. 
  • Finally, the client needs to reboot the PC. 

Stage 4: Run the Clean install of QuickBooks desktop 

  • The clean install tool helps in renaming the old install folder for the client. This allows the client and the software to add new install files after the reinstall gets over. 
  • For this, the client needs to initially open the QuickBooks tool hub 
  • And afterward, select the installation issues 
  • Additionally, select the clean install tool and OK choices 
  • The next advance is to pick the QuickBooks version and item version. Followed by hitting proceed 
  • And afterward, end the process by choosing the OK button, after the message “if you don’t mind install the duplicate of QuickBooks to the default location” shows up on the screen. 
  • At the point when the Clean Install Tool completes, you’re prepared to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop. 

Arrangement 3: Create another Windows Admin User to fix the bug 

  • Above all else, Press the ‘Start’ button and afterward open ‘Control Panel’. 
  • After that hit ‘Add or Remove User Accounts’ connection. 
  • Once the ‘Deal with Accounts’ exchange takes care of opens, the client is needed to click ‘Make a New Account’. 
  • And afterward, type the ‘Account name’ and select ‘Make Admin account’. 
  • Moving to the furthest limit of the process, the client needs to click on the ‘Make Account button’. 
  • Done! You have fruitfully made another client account on Windows working system. 

Arrangement 4: Assign an alternate name of QB.INI file 

  • Renaming the QBWUSER.INI files can fix the inside issues that are happening when a client attempts to open the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • You need to rename the EntitlementDatastore.ecml file. 
  • By following the above advances on the off chance that your QuickBooks begins appropriately, at that point attempt to open a test company file. 

Arrangement 5: Using QuickBooks System Repair tool 

  • Above all else, download the QuickBooks fix tool. 
  • And afterward, save the file in a nearby folder in the desktop. 
  • The next advance is to close down all the current open programs, trailed by installing the tool. 
  • Likewise, it ought to be noticed that it would take around 20 minutes to run a scan in the total gadget. 
  • When the tool has fixed the program, the client needs to restart the support and they are all set. 

Arrangement 6: Rebooting the gadget and killing the counter infection program 

  • Right off the bat, “restart” the system. 
  • And afterward, in the event that the error proceeds, ensure that the counter infection is killed. 
  • The client can contact the IT office, in the event that he/she is uninformed of the process to incidentally kill the counter infection program. 

Arrangement 7: Accessing the file from various location 

The client can get to the file from another folder location, as this may resolve the issue up to certain degree. The means engaged with this process are as per the following: 

  • Regardless, the client needs to squeeze Windows + E keys together from the console 
  • And afterward, this would open up another window on the screen 
  • Pushing forward, the client will discover the data file with .qbw augmentation 
  • Followed by right clicking it and choosing duplicate choice 
  • The next advance is to move to the C: drive and afterward make another folder 
  • Pushing forward, the client needs to name the folder as QBTEST 
  • The client will now need to open the new folder and glue the file in it 
  • Followed by opening QuickBooks by holding the CTRL key 
  • Now, select the open or reestablish a current company alternative 
  • From that point onward, open the QBTEST folder and check if the error continues. 

Arrangement 8: in the event that the error happens after Windows 10 update 

In the event that the client faces QuickBooks quit working issue after the installation of Windows 10 update, at that point the underneath steps can be consolidated: 

  • The client is first needed to move to the control board and afterward pick the windows firewall 
  • And afterward pick the high level settings choice and furthermore the outbound standards choices 
  • The next advance is to click on the new standard tab and furthermore select the program checkbox 
  • Followed by hitting next 
  • Pushing forward, the client needs to check this program way alternative and afterward duplicate the location of QuickBooks 
  • Likewise, select the square the connection alternative and afterward click on the general population, private or area checkbox 
  • What’s more, finally, rename it and finish tab and you are all set


Following any of the above-expressed strategies can help the QB clients to dispose of the QuickBooks that have quit working or not reacting error instantly. Nonetheless, in the event that none of the strategies worked in support of yourself, at that point, all things considered, don’t hesitate to converse with our QuickBooks enterprise support group. The prepared group of specialized specialists ensures that they manage the lost QB connection at the most punctual conceivable. Clients can undoubtedly get in touch with them by approaching the committed helpline number that is available on the site.

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