Human Resources professionals strive to hire the best possible employees, yet how do you define that? How do you know whether this marketing agent is better than the one you interviewed yesterday? Can you make a choice strictly based on CVs or are there other methods you can use?

Let’s have a look at some modern screening tools available to recruiting agents in Australia.

Use routine background checks

For some fields, police checks are mandated by law and for good reason. Take, for instance, the healthcare system. All employees in healthcare need to submit to background checks because they interact with vulnerable people. The sick or the elderly are indeed in a vulnerable position, but then so might be a young woman joining a gym to boost her self-esteem. What would happen if she were to meet a sexual predator now working as a fitness instructor? Or, let’s say you have a delivery company and you hire someone who was caught multiple times driving under the influence.

Why would you take such a risk when it’s so easy to do a background check on an employee? Australian businesses can use one of the many online character check agencies like ANCC whose website link is and who provide the exact same service as the national police, only much faster and completely hassle-free. When you contact an online agency all you need to do is fill in the form, upload a photo of the employee and that’s it. The results come back in a couple of days and you’ll know for certain that your new fitness instructor is not some pervert and the new driver doesn’t have a drinking problem.

Check the candidates’ social media accounts

Yet another very useful check you can do online. There are some agencies that provide such services in Australia, but you can also do it on your own. To make your employees’ job even easier you could ask all job applicants to link their social media accounts at the bottom of their resume.

Checking out a candidate’s social media accounts can give you a fairly accurate idea of who they really are. You can find out what their hobbies are, whether they drink or engage in risky behaviors and what their personal opinions are. This is very important in today’s very polarized world. You already know your staff, you know the group dynamics, the views they hold and it’s easy to see whether the new employee would be a good fit. Diversity is good and a fair and open exchange of views is to be encouraged, but you also want your employees to be more or less on the same page. This is crucial if teamwork is essential for your business.

If you discover that a certain candidate does not share the same values you hold dear you might want to look for someone more suitable.

Google the candidate

Another thing you can do online is to google a candidate’s name. You never know what you might find out. Maybe he won the local marathon or he volunteered at the animal shelter. That would be nice, but what if you find out that he was involved in a public scandal, even if he was never charged with an offence. That’s the sort of information that might make you change your mind about hiring a certain individual.

The best part about these new types of checks is that they can be done entirely online, they take little time and offer a wealth of information.


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