RichmondSuper Review 2021: Is RichmondSuper legitimate?

I have been looking forward to reviewing RichmondSuper for some time. I have been personally affiliated with this platform for two years now, and have had the chance to evaluate it deeply so I can attest to this very well. RichmondSuper is a forex trading platform with outstanding layout quality features on its server.

RichmondSuper is here turning the tables and I assessed it from the start. Unlike other online trading platforms, they are a commission-free broker and this attribute is a huge reason behind their success. They do have a well-organized educational centre and innovative trading tools to meet the market norms and compete with other brokerages. Along with this, they are offering market review, and specialized tools for CFD, stock, and forex trading.

Pros of RichmondSuper

  • They have well-regulated security
  • Helpful and fast customer support
  • Over 200 tradable assets
  • Wide range of educational material available.

Cons of RichmondSuper

  • Only a few languages are available
  • Access not available for US clients
  • No e-commerce method of payment
  • No visual/audio learning material is available

Why I chose this forex broker?

RichmondSuper has managed to meet all the criteria that I look at when selecting a broker. It is aware of the needs of its customers and has incorporated various procedures on its servers to cater to client demands. These services and characteristics are as below.

Dependability factor: RichmondSuper has built a strong framework of efficient administration, according to certain guidelines, that supervises all the operations. This effort makes them a very reliable platform.

Reasonable pricing: In my experience with other forex organizations, I often had to pay hidden charges that not only reduced my profits but messed up my budget too. However, with RichmondSuper there is no commission that I am not aware of. Their policies and expenses are transparent.

Execution and trading tools: This online trading platform has some of the best features to offer such as education, security, and execution. You can set your favourable conditions, use charting, track positions, and eventually enter trades. And to utilize these services you simply have to sign up on the platform which is not a tedious process either.

Trading Conditions:RichmondSuper has good servers and is better among other online trading platforms. I am able to give this verdict because in my vast experience of trading I have come across many sites that were unable to handle the load of the operation in the open market and crashed while I was mid-trade. However, I have not faced this issue with RichmondSuper.

Another appealing aspect is that this platform has evolved with the needs and demands of the clients. Once you sign up, you are in for the long ride. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not feasible for beginner clients. Rather they are very mindful of all kinds of traders and have designed the server in a manner that is inclusive to all.

Online trading can be tough especially when you are a beginner. I can speak from the struggles that I faced in my early days. With so many platforms it is easy to fall prey to scam servers. And you end up not only losing money but also sensitive information. This reason is a huge motivation behind me writing this review.  I want to point out the importance of finding the appropriate forex trading platforms and share my experiences. So that you are able to choose the right broker for yourself and do not make the same mistakes that I did.

By now you must have realized that it is rare to find a good platform with all the exceptional features. However, there are certain aspects that you should never compromise on, the most important one being security.

RichmondSuper is not completely perfect. There are certain drawbacks, however, they are easily covered by their exemplary services. Nonetheless, I would highly prefer if they introduce an e-commerce payment method such as PayPal.

Trading Accounts

Whenever you signup for a new platform it is essential that you test it before making any huge investments. Running a trial on RichmondSuper is very convenient. They have a custom-built trial account type for testing their services. The base deposit for this account is $250. There are no commission charges for the trial account. It is a standard account hence it is a spread-only type. To my surprise, you can even trade CFDs with the trial account. Moreover, a huge number of features are accessible for holders of this account type which intrigued me a lot. This account is accessible for expert traders as well as retail brokerages too. And even though it is not the optimal type of account for long-term trading but it helps establish an amazing foundation for a novice trader to learn. Traders with more experience should opt for the upgraded account since it offers advanced and better features. Even the upgraded account does not charge excess commission and the entry pricing is very reasonable too.


RichmondSuper started its journey from the very ground and it is successful today because it strives to excel. None of the tools present on its server sponsors a third-party chain. This platform is full of market analysis tools that allow the market to hand-off recommendations about an asset.

Some of these exceptional tools are:

Account supervisor opinions: You will have access to opinions and suggestions of a variety of experts that you can compare, rate, and act on if you will. These opinions will not directly influence your trade but will help you understand the market and operate accordingly.

Hedge Fund Activity: When I first joined the platform I was unaware of this option. Eventually, after interacting and learning from the driving hedge stock investment managers I had enough knowledge and confidence to assess this area of the market.

Insider Traders: A huge factor that will keep you up-to-date to the market is following up on the major trade operations of inside investors of an organization.

Trading Analyst Recommendations: This particular tool has been very helpful to me in keeping track of my favoured stocks and evaluating the deals that can work in my favour.

Traders Trend: If you want to build a huge profit margin that it is important for you to make out the significant trading patterns on RichmondSuper and other assets provided.

News Alert: When you are in the trading business, it is essential that you are constantly updated regarding asset value development. With RichmondSuper I do not have to worry about this because they have the option to set up alerts specifically.

News Trading Sentiment: This tool helps you to filter out news alerts based on recent developments.

Signals: This tool by RichmondSuper is commendable. It has managed to envelop all the features provided by the platform and interlink them to give you the best of services. This tool is capable of merging other assessment tools so you can trade in a snapshot structure without having to leave your chart.

The way RichmondSuper utilizes its services and tools along with mindful design to efficiently convey knowledge to their traders is remarkable. It is one of the reasons why I continue to use this platform. The other reason is that they constantly upgrade themselves to meet the needs of the clients indicating that they have the ability to stand the test of time and evolve according to the volatile market.

There are many other helpful tools available on this platform but I do not want to extend my review any longer. You can always sign up for the trial account and evaluate their services yourself. The features that I discussed have proven to be helpful for me depending on my level of experience and requirement. I have shared my two cents, now you yourself can assess and be the better judge.

Specialized Tools

Daily technical analysis levels and ideas: This might not appear to be an important tool in the beginning. But over time you will realize how convenient it is to receive daily emails covering significant siles, forex sets, and commodities.

Advanced Charting: Charting overwhelmed me. I always found this aspect of trading rather difficult. Thanks to my broker who has helped me to better and quickly interpret the charts. His experience and knowledge made me skilled in trade analysis using charts. Now I am able to use 9-time intervals, the technical indicators, Regular and Multi-Chart types, view 8 outlines, 5 chart types (spline, OHLC, candlestick, and line) to help with trading specialized evaluation.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, I would just say that RichmondSuper strives to be a successful platform so that it can better accommodate its clients and that what makes it so suitable for beginners. They can further improve their website in regards to inclusivity by adding more languages to their server. Apart from that, they seem to be a reliable platform for their clients. They offer guarantees for their good quality services due to which I continue to use this broker for my trading business.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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