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Inquiry No. 1

Hello there Robert,

We called in a leakage discovery firm, but they are informing us that there are no leaks existing. I do not recognize– the concrete is raising, and also the caulking in between the concrete as well as the stone looks like it is essentially ripping out of there. I have actually called the swimming pool business, but, of course, they don’t call back.

— Paul M.

Response No. 1

Hi there Paul,

I can wager that this results from expansive dirt, which is very typical here in Santa Clarita. This is when the soil has hefty clay and also becomes wet from natural groundwaters, it increases and also is heavier as well as more powerful than the concrete so can move it, which is certainly, upwards.

The caulking you’re describing is Dek-O-Seal, a two-stage epoxy that is the essential separation in between the two different products– the coping, which is the rock you described, and the concrete deck. It allows both different products to flex as essential, without harming either.

I would certainly return in touch with the swimming pool service provider that did the mount and also see what they may want to do to aid you out on this. The damaged area requires to be saw cut and knocked down, and also there are measures that can be required to treat this prior to a brand-new pour.

Best of luck with this, I recognize it can be irritating. Ideally the initial company will certainly be willing to at least assist with the repair.

— Robert

Question No. 2

Hi Robert,

With the overnight freeze we simply had, I wound up with a busted pipeline under my patio area deck. It’s an irrigation line, which was, fortunate enough, on a line that we had a shut-off valve on. We worked out that shutoff and shut off the irrigation, so we were able to stop a larger mess from happening.

Our patio area is big, and I’m not specific where the break is, I only understand where the water is appearing yet I am also aware that isn’t always ideal where the break is.

How do I figure out where in the line the break is, without busting up the entire patio? Exists a method to do this?

If I have to cut the patio area, OK, however I ‘d rather be a lot more conventional concerning it and also not ruin the entire point if I can troubleshoot it one more way.

— Fred M.

Answer No. 2

Hey there Fred,

Yes, there is some magic available that can possibly assist in saving the patio, at the very least during troubleshooting. The searchings for might claim that the outdoor patio needs some demonstration, but remember that there are usually other alternatives, potentially walking around the patio area though excavating would certainly still be necessary.

I can advise a regional leak-detection company, if you wish. What they’ll do is pressurize the line with gas as well as, with their audio devices, they can in fact situate the source of the leakage.

Obviously, if you know the location/direction of the lines, this is important info for them. Also without that, they can do the job well.

Once they determine the source, rather than trial the entire patio, you can, as an alternative, saw-cut the needed location for repair service and after that do a place repair service. It will be visible, obviously, yet if this is something you can live with, after that it can be a substantial cost savings, relying on the dimension of your patio.

An additional alternative for aesthetics complying with a place repair is to do an overlay of a decking system to your patio area. It can be a wonderful, completed look, even though there are seams underneath.

Best of luck to you with this job.

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