Understanding state tax laws in your country can be difficult, especially if you do not know them. Mass shopping and coupons do help to save money as sales tax is imposed on the selling price. In other countries, state and federal laws allow tax refunds on specific items. Shopping done to help the underprivileged is not taxed. For example, for children’s homes, the aged, and disabled households. Tax preparation services in Calgary handle all your accounting and tax needs.

A tax and accounting firm helps with;

  • Prepare tax returns
  • Adopt strategies that help minimize tax liability
  • Advice on tax compliance and regulations
  • Explain tax legislation
  • Advice on the implications of tax changes

Some of the tax exemptions on shopping and coupons are:

Buy one get one free

Supermarkets and retail shops offer to buy one get one free item at one price; hence, tax is imposed on one item. For example, if washing powder is 5$ and you get two of them, the sales tax is imposed on one item and not both.

Tax rebate

The difference between a tax refund and a tax rebate is that the government offers the former on excess taxes on your tax liability, while a rebate is a relief claimed to reduce the tax burden. State and federal laws have offered tax rebates on alternative energy items and hybrid vehicles. For example, purchases of windows, solar water heaters, skylights, and energy-efficient doors with an energy star certificate are imposed at $500. Hybrid vehicles help in reducing gasoline consumption and protecting the environment. The government offers tax rebates to encourage hybrid car purchases.

Buy two items and pay for one

In most cases, the retailer has compensated the tax base of the products since the word free is not included. The term is used interchangeably with buy one get one free.


The shopping coupons are offered to attract mega sales during the anniversary, mid-year, and end-year sales. It is offered by manufacturers and merchants to the retailers and works the same way as discounts. In some cases, the coupons are offered directly to the consumer by the retailer. If a third party offers the coupon, the sales tax is applied to the item’s full price.

Different accountants in firms are:

Cost accountant – helps managers to make better decision making by using financial tools to maximize profits and reduce costs. Cost accountants have the flexibility to specialize in the business environment needed.

Project accountant – Works hand in hand with project managers to track the progress of projects. Their responsibilities include; investigating budget variances and reporting the profitability of the project.

Management accountants are senior advisers to organizations whose role involves offering accurate non-financial and financial information that will assist in strategic planning.

Financial accountants – they help outsiders to gain information about the health of an organization. The financial accountants prepare the financial statements. State and federal laws are often difficult to implement in auditing organizations. Some stores and supermarkets limit the coupons offered. For example, it is prohibited to use coupons on the same item purchased on the same day. Many people, not just one, must use the coupons. 


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