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Selling your car by following a few handy tips


The task of selling a car is easier said than done. You could end up placing classified ads in UAE and wait for the outcome, but there are a few handy tips that you may follow at your own end. This is going to help you sell the car without any hassles.

Locate a buyer

An initial step to sell a car is to search for a buyer. There are numerous classified UAE sites that make your task easier. The key is to advertise aggressively via these classifieds or you can post an ad on the social media platforms as well. Selling a used car might turn out to be tricky but if you are using an online platform the chances of striking a better deal is higher.

Make sure that you make the car stand apart from the others. Apart from specifying a few details in form of engine number you can incorporate a few snaps to give it an attractive look. Make sure that you spread the word in the community so that prospective buyers may reach out to you.

Agreement on the price

The moment you locate a buyer who is happy with the condition of the vehicle a suggestion is to agree on the price. In fact you have to bit flexible on the price front and better if you set it at a rate lower than what is existent in the market. If the price is attractive it is going to attract a lot of buyers.

Genuine deal is important

With a used car there are a number of pitfalls you might have to encounter. So make sure that you only interact with genuine buyers who are interested to purchase the car. Once you have gone on to agree on a mutual agreed price ensure that you receive it in cash. Post-dated cheques are a strict no if the seller is not that reputed in the market.

 A handy test drive

Make sure that you fix up an appointment at a safe place and show them the car. It is better if you go on to choose a public area or if possible ask a friend to accompany you. Allow the driver to drive the car and do not commit the mistake of a sales pitch. At no point you should sound desperate to be selling the vehicle. Sometime the buyer might want a mechanic to inspect the car and you can ask them to do so. Further if any small issues arise you can address them before handing it over to the buyer

To conclude these are some of the steps that you need to undertake when you are selling a car in UAE. But take note of the fact there are no fines or loan outstanding on the car. The buyer will not want to wait for a loan clearance, so even before placing an add make sure that you have done the paperwork at all costs.

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