SEO vs. SEM: Which Could Help Your Business More?

Are you also confused about the SEO vs. SEM tactics? Here we will tell you which one is better for your business. Don’t think that SEO or SEM will work for you just because the whole world is using it. Because both of these marketing strategies work in a different manner for all the websites. So it depends upon your website, niche, goals, and budget which is better for you. 

So here we will discuss the topic of SEO vs. SEM in this post. This answer cannot be given in just a single word or sentence. Because both of these marketing strategies are good. None of them is less important. But you have to figure out which one is good for you. So let’s find out the right solution to the topic of SEO vs. SEM. 

It Is All About Search Marketing

Both of these methods are based on search marketing. These are two different marketing strategies focusing on search engines. The one similar thing among these two marketing methods is that they help your website rank higher on search engines. 

What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization means optimizing your website for different keywords or search queries so that your website ranks higher at search engine results pages (SERPs). Following are the three types of SEO.

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

What Is SEM?

Search engine marketing or SEM is the second opponent in the SEO vs. SEM topic. Search engine marketing is online advertisements on search engines. It also makes your website rank higher for specific searches. 

SEO Vs. SEM: The Major Differences

SEO vs. SEM is a topic that cannot be discussed if we don’t have a look at the major differences between these two strategies. Both of these are working for the same goals. They push a website on top of the SERPs, they both bring more traffic. But still, there are many differences between these two techniques of search marketing. 

Result Type

Both these methods of marketing provide different types of results. Following are the result types that you get with these methods.


SEO provides you organic traffic and you are not paying directly for the traffic in search engine optimization. 


SEM is providing paid traffic as the results and you are directly paying search engines to rank your website higher. 


SEO vs. SEM, both these methods can be differentiated with the goals they have. Both have the same goals which are traffic but this traffic has a deeper meaning.

Only Traffic

Sometimes SEO is used when you need only traffic. Conversion is not easy and quick with this traffic. 


SEM is mostly used for quick sales and revenue growth. Using SEM for traffic is not a good idea.


Whenever there is an open debate on SEO vs. SEM, SEO will be the winner in terms of durability. 

Long Term

After the SEO campaign has ended the results will last for longer. 

Short Term

SEM provides results only for a short term period. Mostly it ends up showing any result as soon as you end the campaign. 

Skills Required

Different levels of skills are required for both types of campaigns. However, you can hire someone professional to overcome this issue.

High-Level Skills

SEO requires a high level of skills if you want to rank higher with SEO on your own. More technical knowledge and skill set for various SEO tools are required if you want to do search engine optimization. 

Beginner Level Skills

It is much easier than SEO to get traffic using SEM. You just have to set a budget, payment options, target keywords, and a few more metrics, and your SEM campaign is ready to start. 

Which One To Choose?

Now the question is which one is the winner in this SEO vs. SEM fight? Both of them are the winners, but which one is better for you? Have you figured it out? If not then the following are some reasons to choose SEO or SEM. There are different reasons for choosing both of them. Let’s have a look. 

Choose SEO For Following Reasons

Following are some reasons why you should choose SEO. If you find that these reasons are more relevant to your business then choose them. Otherwise, you can switch to SEM. 

If You Have Patience

If you don’t want quick results and you can wait for long, then SEO is the winner for you in the SEO vs. SEM fight. 

If You Have High Skills

If you have knowledge, skills, and experience in search marketing then SEO is your destination. 

If You Have a Good Budget

Sometimes SEO costs a lot more than the paid marketing. Sometimes it requires more team and paid tools to fix issues. 

If You Have Different Sales Funnels

If you have different sale funnels for lead conversions and you need only traffic, then you can choose SEO services for your business website. 

Choose SEM For Following Reasons

Following are some reasons why SEM is the winner for you in the SEO vs. SEM debate.

If You Want Quick Results

If you cannot wait anymore and want more quick results, then choosing SEM is the right option. 

If You Are New In Search Marketing

If you don’t have much skills and knowledge about search marketing but you just need traffic, leads, and conversions. Then SEM should be your pick in the SEO vs. SEM debate. 

If You Want To Control Your Budget

SEM is paid marketing, but you can start with a low budget. Even with $100 you can start your SEM campaign. So if you need full control of the budget then choose it. 

If You Don’t Have Separate Sales Funnel

If you want direct traffic to your sales funnel landing page, then SEM is your hero in the SEO vs. SEM debate. We cannot say which one is better than the other. But we can clearly find out which one is better for us. 

So you also have to find out the best suitable option for you. For quick sales, SEM can be better and for long-term traffic growth, SEO is the best option. So SEO vs. SEM debate will never end in this digital marketing arena. 

Mansi Rana

With over 13 years experience as a leader in digital marketing, Mansi Rana is Managing Director of EZ Rankings – SEO Reseller. Passionate about all things data; providing actionable business intelligence in digital, future tech; and venture bubbles categories for everyone, everywhere.

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