Some Amazing Facts About Hair Transplantation

Hair loss in youngsters and ladies are turning out to be more normal if ignored becomes hairlessness afterwards. Baldness is more associated with men because of hereditary factors got together with focused on lives, and it progresses before long among men between the ages of 20 to 30.

It is important to understand that the only permanent solution to baldness is to extract live-root hair follicles from the back and side of the head and to implant them in the recipient area.

What do you understand by the term hair transplant?

1. Hair transplantation is a process where the hair is transplanted to bald and thin areas of the scalp by from the top surgeon in the best hair transplant centre in Jaipur. This is a process in which the hair is extracted from the back of the hair or head. 

2. Hair transplantation is a good choice for hair health and for you, instead, use various types of beauty items. Since cosmetic products, compared to surgery, are not very effective.

3. So, make a plan for surgery, if you want to get rid of hair fall problems.

How many types of hair transplant surgical methods are there?

There are usually two kinds of hair transplantation procedures. Let’s review both of them:

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT):

1. Firstly the surgeon will give you anaesthesia. So, the part where the surgery is done becomes numb.

2. The veterinarian then sterilizes all the articles or equipment that are required during the surgery. You should demand your doctor to take a sleep injection if you are afraid of operations.

3. Soon, the medical procedure starts. Your surgeon will take a piece of hair from the rear of your scalp. Hence, the hairs going for transplantation are known as contributor’s hairs.

4. In 1000’s small grafts, the surgeon cuts the strip after this step and each graft carries 1 to 2 hair. The grafts are then transplanted to the scalp’s bald or thin regions.

5. Then the incised area is covered with stitches, followed by the bandage. This is how FUT hair transplant surgery is done.

6. The incised area, followed by the bandage, is then covered with stitches. This is the way the follicular unit hair transplantation is finished.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

1. The initial two stages are similar to the FUT surgery yet the further method is different.

2. The third step taken by the surgeon is to remove the hair on the back of the scalp. And then create small holes on the bare or thin areas.

3. After this, the shaved hair is engraved into the transplantation area. They cover the head with stitches and bandages as soon as the surgeon transplants the scalp.

4. This is how FUE treatment happens. Some medications and aftercare tips are prescribed to you by the doctor after surgery. So there is no side effect as well as no complications.

With the help of this article, you will get to know some interesting facts about hair after a hair transplant. Let’s have a look to know:

· Surgery for hair transplants is performed under local anaesthesia. On the same day of the operation, one can go home and continue daily activities from the next day.

· An average individual may have 100,000 follicles on their head, according to the report. However, redheads appear to have fewer follicles, i.e., follicles of 90,000. Whereas blondes do have 130,000 follicles of hair. 

· Hair follicles are capable of building so many hairs over the course of life. But after a hair transplant, the hair growth rate falls to 80%. The hair grows in three cycles after a hair transplant. Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen are known as these cycles.

· The FUE results look very real. As the hair is directly transplanted in FUE, that’s why the growth looks normal. Therefore, FUE is one of the most successful procedures for transplantation.

· Many individuals assume that hair transplants provide immediate results. But the truth is that to make the growth right, there is a time of 3-4 months. It, therefore, takes up to 9-10 months to make the growth of the hair look normal.

· Some people think that one day, the transplanted hair will fall off. But the basic truth is that transplanted hair can grow for a lifetime.

· Extra hair care is very important after hair transplant surgery, which is according to the person. But surgeons claim that doing exceptional hair care is not very necessary. Only appropriate medications and few hair care tips can help make the transplanted hair look natural.

Before getting the surgery done, these are the significant factors you should go through.

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