Student Life in Salford- Affordable Ways to Live your Best

Salford can be the best place for a student to live in economically but at the same time enjoy life to its fullest. Whether it is about finding accommodations near your university, transportation facilities or entertainment zones, Salford offers optimum opportunities to save your bit. Student housing Salford offers accommodations with close proximity to the University of Salford and other city attractions.

Salford city is in great Manchester, England and resides within the meanders of the River Irwell. The city is well known for its cotton and silk spinning factories and the prestigious University of Salford. Any student planning to study here can also find affordable ways to live a less stressful life. Student life at Salford comes with plenty of opportunities to explore and have a rocking social life even as you study hard.

Living Spaces

“A student life strives for progress, not perfection” and standing true to this quote, a student life should be progressive towards having an affordable and peaceful place to live where one can have a confined study area to work on projects and assignments. Students looking for affordable accommodations at Salford in great Manchester can expect to have the best home experience with independent rooms, common kitchen and lounge areas. Student Housing Salford also offers communal spaces in the apartments with opportunities to socialize and have their bunch of friends hanging around at leisure. Student room at Bramall Court offer such rooms with modernized living which is closer to the University of Salford and takes 17 minutes to reach. IQ Student Quarter offers different types of en-suite homes with storage, security and other add-on facilities like garden, gym, laundry, and bike storage.


Commuting from one place to the other is very time-consuming and every busy student would like to travel the least he could to save time. It is very important to find easy modes of transport to the university or staying near so that you can easily walk your way to the college in the nick of time. A student can explore living spaces that are nearest to bus stations for trips around the city. This area is 19 minutes walk away from Exchange Square station and it takes 14 minutes to reach the central train station. There are excellent transportation facilities close to student housing that link with the Central Manchester area and are ideally suited to travel and explore in a more affordable way. 

Leisure Activities

A student’s life without a little bit of leisure activity is quite monotonous. Looking into the expense part, a student should recreate in the most economical way possible. Walking is the best medicine to stay healthy and also save money on traveling. Student apartment in the city of Salford offers Irwell riverside strolls and Mexican dining experience which is just 12 minutes walks away from them. The University of Salford has its sports center where students can take part in sports activities to de-stress and make the most out of it. New or old friends can meet up for some fun activities like pub fare and open mic nights. Living spaces have state of the art movie rooms with Bluetooth enabled widescreen TV and onsite fully equipped gyms for fitness lovers. Those living at Vita Student First Street can participate in social events organized by the Vita organization.

With these affordable ways as explained above, a student can follow it and discover more out of life with spacious and peaceful student studio, low cost conveyance and interactive leisure activities.

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