The Best Gifts For Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Day is one of the most celebrated and awaited days of the year. It is the day for lovers to celebrate their love and affection. Men and women worldwide commemorate this day and spend the entire week of love with their significant other. Like any other special occasion, gifts are also the currency of Valentine’s day. With so many gifting options from which couples have to browse through to find the perfect items, the process can be overwhelming. While there are universal gifts that lovers can trade, personalised Valentine’s gifts are the best option. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share some of the best gifts for Valentine’s week.

7 February – Rose Day

The week of love is started on a romantic, beautiful, and fresh pace with the rose day. If you have to express your feelings and emotions, there is no better way than to go all the way and show your loved one, how much you love him or her. And flowers are the perfect messenger to express yourself. The perfect colour for Valentine’s rose is red, and you can also add roses of other colours as well.

8 February – Propose Day

You may have been dating for a short or a considerable time, and you now feel it in you that you can’t spend a moment without your darling. You want your sweetheart to love and behold, to build a special relationship, and you have to propose. And it goes well with surprise gifts. An engagement ring is a must-have, and you can also accompany this lovely gift with a bunch of roses. Since this day is all about catching your loved one with a romantic gesture unsuspectingly, you can plan to have the gifts delivered on the right spot and time.

9 February – Chocolate Day

With the week of love feeling like you are in your world, a chocolate on the 9th will catapult your romance to a heated affair. Chocolates are known to help us feel good about ourselves, delicious chocolate with the love of your one and only. And there are various chocolates like Cadbury, Kit Kat, and Ferrero Roche, and you can also step things up by going for the Valentines customised chocolate wrap options.

10 February – Teddy Day

Like the red roses, Teddy bear toys are one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts. And they also come in different sizes from small to supersize cuddly teddies. With Valentine’s month falling in winter here in India, a Teddy gift is much appreciated in times like these. You will also find creatively styled Teddy toys some holding hands, a “be my Valentines heart” and more!

11 February – Promise Day

While most things change with time or ageing, the most romantic thing is to keep your promise always to love your partner forever and commit to each other. In the middle of Valentine’s week, you can vow to your loved one that your love will always be the same. The best gift for this day is something that will last the test of time like snapping and framing your most romantic moments. You can also have the photo and frame personalised to accommodate your customisations.

12 February –  Hug Day

The countdown to Vday is now almost up, the hug day is about being close to your loved one – not as in suffocating them but be romantic. The hug day is about eye contact with your partner. Eye contact is scientifically proven to strengthen the bond between lovers.

13 February –  Kiss Day

You also need to be romantic in person without a gift. Kissing builds a stronger connection between lovers, and it has its day just before Valentines Day. As the final push into the much-awaited day world over, kissing marks the end of the build-up to VDay.

14 February – Valentine’s Day

And finally, the day is here, as the loving and romantic person you can never run out of creative ideas after a romantic love week marathon. The day couples worldwide present the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, others that may not have been appropriate in the earlier days, but cakes consummate the whole Valentine’s efforts. Even if the love of your life is in Gurgaon, and you cannot make it on the week of love. You can avail Bakingo’s online cake delivery in Gurgaon with online cake shops. 

Now that you know the best gifts for Valentine’s week check out some creative and new ideas for gifts and cakes.

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