The most common myths about love life

Various myths surround us all the time. As soon as a new thing appears, there are myths about it. For example, the myths that cell phones destroy the brain and the like. Many of them are in love, where they often stem from ignorance or have a moral, i.e., rather repulsive purpose.

When two make love mentally and physically, all myths, but sometimes they are just crazy superstitions, they are “stolen” from them, they have love without restraint and entirely for their pleasure. And that’s right, what suits both of them, let them do it and not see if anyone raises a warning finger over these practices.

To describe all the myths and refute them is a great book, so we will only mention the most famous ones.

Women and love

Myths are common that women are more likely to orgasm with men with large organ.

The younger generation of women may want a big organ, but over time they will find it more important how a man treats them and how they look at them to orgasm. Men who think that everything will “arrange” their big cock will still end up after their coit and do not look at the woman if she has also reached climax.

A woman’s desire for love is less than a man’s. We are not all the same, so we will find men and women for whom love no longer means anything, especially in old age, but internally, everyone would certainly still “give” regardless of gender.

Women don’t watch porn.

It’s true that women watch less porn in hours, but they like a little different porn than men. They want to see what they wish to: tenderness, feeling, and gentle playing with the body, and it often lacks male porn.

Long foreplay.

It is true that women need extended foreplay only when a woman has completely different thoughts; other times, she can “fly-in” almost immediately.

Women are not looking for casual love.

We know from experience that love takes two, so everyone takes the opportunity the same way. The question is how we can resist it. And that is the question of how we deal with infidelity. Beautiful women are more prone to love, but it is true that beautiful women can have it more often because of a beautiful face and a slim body attract men much more than the opposite.

Men and love

Legs and organ.

The fact that a man with big legs and a big nose also has a big cock may be true, but there are so many exceptions that we stick to the myth. Let the women try it for themselves.

Broken organ.

The possibility of breaking a organ is not a myth but a truth, but it is very rare. This happens especially with inexperienced partners, during hasty love, usually in the “hobby” position, when the organ is misaligned, or when the position changes quickly.

Big cock.

A big cock is a prerequisite for excellent love. This is nonsense if two people like each other; sizes are secondary. On the other hand, organ size can entice women to make love and even marry. However, most of the time, they repay over earnings because there are still enough women who want to enjoy a big organ anyway, so their husband is unfaithful to them.

If a man’s organ does not stand up, the woman does not excite him.

This is not true because other reasons can contribute to bad erection, such as fatigue, cold, stress, and nervousness. It is then up to the woman to understand this, but caressing even a withered organ is pleasant for a man.

Partner myths

Love and age.

It is also not entirely true that men and women are at the peak of physical power at the same age. According to research, women are said to have peaked at thirty-one, men at thirty-three. However, some women claim that they love more and more, regardless of their age.

Cuddling after love with survival.

The opinion of only limited and selfish men. After all, they end up with love after their climax, but women, because they are slower in the onset of orgasm, remain unfulfilled. So cuddling can fix a lot for men if they can’t take care of a joint climax. Some women really need time to calm down by cuddling after their peak, but others want to have their peace and enjoy their orgasm internally. Use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150  or vigora 100 for best love.

Historical myths

Right of the first night.

The right of the first night for the nobles is only a rumor from literature; no historical sources mention it.

Contraception only in modern times.

Is contraception a matter of modern times? That is also not true. People used various herbs and fish bellows instead of a condom. In ancient Egypt and antiquity, barrier bodies were even used, made of sea sponges, i.e., materials that dissolved inside the body and blocked the vaginal neck.

Myths about love and health

You can have a heart attack during courtship.

This is also one of the myths because we can get it at any opportunity. So love is no exception. But people often think that our pressure and heart rate will rise, which is a comparison, for example, with climbing stairs or during physical work and sports.

Love is said to help lose weight.

Of course, this is true, but any activity where we increase the heart rate or sweat also reduces weight.

Old age and love.

As we age, we lose interest in love. This is only partially true because love and partner life are connected here. Many older people, especially after a widow or divorce, no longer want to have another relationship, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have love. However, a long time without making love also leads to sexual coldness. Some are able to make love with absolute taste after 50, 60, and 70 years.

Age and experimentation.

Does it no longer experiment with love at an older age? This is nonsense because this is the time to enjoy love and enjoy life. It is true that some men may no longer achieve the required erections, but balance this with oral love and other means. And this is usually not possible without experimentation.

Pills are useless.

This is a widespread myth, but the opposite is true. fildena 120 are made for better love life; they will help better blood circulation in the genitals and better endurance.

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