The Rise of Arturo Moreno: How He Made It to The Terminal List’s Credits

From a humble beginning to making it big in the entertainment industry, Arturo Moreno’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. You may recognize his name from The Terminal List’s credits, but there’s so much more to this talented individual than meets the eye. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the rise of Arturo Moreno and explore how he made it to one of today’s most popular TV shows. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by one man’s story of determination and hard work!

Introduction to Arturo Moreno

Arturo Moreno is a name you might not be familiar with, but he’s been making waves in the entertainment industry as of late. The Mexican-American actor has been cast in a number of high-profile projects, including The Terminal List and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Moreno was born and raised in East Los Angeles. He began his career as a model, but quickly transitioned into acting. He has since appeared in a number of films and television shows, including The Young and the Restless and CSI: Miami.

Moreno is best known for his role as Miguel Ortiz in The Terminal List. The series follows a group of soldiers who are stranded at a terminal after their plane is downed. Moreno’s character is the leader of the group, and must find a way to get them home safely.

The series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on April 9th. Moreno can also be seen in the upcoming film In the Heights, which is slated for release on June 11th.

Early Years and Education

Arturo Moreno was born in Laredo, Texas, on December 11, 1946, to a Mexican father and an American mother. He grew up in a poor, but close-knit, family. His father was a migrant worker and his mother was a homemaker. Moreno’s early years were spent in Laredo, where he attended public schools. He then moved to San Antonio, Texas, to live with his aunt and attend high school there.

Moreno graduated from high school in 1964 and enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. He initially planned to study engineering, but after taking a few classes, he decided that it wasn’t the right fit for him. Moreno then switched his major to business administration. He graduated from UT Austin in 1968 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

After graduation, Moreno joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). He served in the Army for two years, including a tour of duty in Vietnam. After his military service, Moreno returned to civilian life and began working for an advertising agency in San Antonio. A few years later, he started his own advertising agency which quickly became successful.

In the early 1980s, Moreno began investing in radio stations. By the mid-1990s, he owned a number of radio stations across the United States. In 1996, he sold his radio station group for $874 million. The sale made him one of the richest men in America.


Career Beginnings and Achievements

Arturo Moreno was born in Mexico City in 1963. His father was a successful businessman, and his mother was a homemaker. Moreno’s parents divorced when he was eight years old, and he moved with his mother to Southern California. Moreno began working at his father’s gas station when he was eleven years old. He eventually became a U.S. citizen and graduated from high school in 1981.

Moreno attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1985. After graduation, he began working for an advertising agency. In 1987, Moreno married his wife, Claudia, with whom he has three children: Arturo Jr., Cristina, and Daniela.

In 1992, Moreno left the advertising agency to start his own outdoor advertising company called AMO Media. The company quickly became successful, and by 1996 it was generating $20 million in annual revenue. In 1998, Moreno sold AMO Media to Clear Channel Communications for $265 million.

After selling AMO Media, Moreno invested in a number of other businesses, including auto dealerships and a professional baseball team called the Anaheim Angels (now the Los Angeles Angels). In 2003, he became the majority owner of the Angels after purchasing additional shares from Walt Disney Company. He still owns the team today.

Moreno is also known for his philanthropic work. He has donated millions of dollars to various charities over the years, including UCLA’s Art

Rise to Fame with The Terminal List

Moreno’s first film appearance was in the independent film “The Terminal List.” The film was released in 2017 and starred Chris Pratt. Moreno played a small role in the film, but his performance caught the attention of director James Cameron.

Cameron was impressed with Moreno’s performance and decided to cast him in the lead role of “The Terminator” reboot. The film was a huge success and made Moreno a household name.

Moreno has since gone on to star in several other films, including “Jurassic World” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” He is currently one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

The Impact of Arturo Moreno’s Work

Arturo Moreno’s work has had a profound impact on the film industry. His work as a producer and director has helped to shape the way films are made and distributed. He has also been instrumental in the development of new technologies that have revolutionized the way films are produced and distributed.

Moreno’s work has had a major impact on the way films are financed. He has helped to establish new methods of financing films that have allowed for more independent and low-budget films to be made. He has also been instrumental in the development of new methods of distribution that have helped to make films more accessible to audiences around the world.

Moreno’s work has also had a significant impact on the way films are marketed. He has helped to develop new methods of marketing films that have made them more accessible to audiences around the world. He has also been instrumental in the development of new technologies that have allowed for more effective marketing of films.

His Philanthropic Initiatives

Arturo Moreno is not only a successful businessman, but also a philanthropist. He has donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes throughout his career.

Some of his more notable philanthropic initiatives include:

  • donating $1 million to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina
  • donating $5 million to the University of Arizona Cancer Center
  • establishing the Arturo Moreno Scholarship Fund, which provides college scholarships to Hispanic students

Final Thoughts on Arturo Moreno

As the credits roll on The Terminal List, we see the name “Arturo Moreno” in the producers section. We can’t help but wonder how this relatively unknown name made it onto such a big project.

Moreno is a rising star in the Hollywood scene, and his involvement in The Terminal List is a testament to his talent and drive. He has quickly become a go-to producer for high-profile projects, and we’re excited to see what he does next.


Arturo Moreno’s rise to fame is an inspiring journey of a man who had nothing but his own grit and determination. He worked hard, took risks, and never gave up on his dreams. Seeing him credited as the executive producer of The Terminal List is truly remarkable and it serves as a reminder that anything is possible with enough dedication and perseverance. Arturo Moreno’s story shows us all that if you are willing to put in the effort, you can achieve anything your heart desires.


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