Time Management Tips for Online Learning for Professionals

The world is getting more and more inclined towards the technologically driven educational transformation. So, the entire educational landscape is getting flooded with online learning platforms.

Truly speaking, the online EdTech industry though flourishing yet got skyrocketed post the COVID-19 situation. Its popularity is steadily rising among working professionals particularly because of its benefits. Flexibility, customised content, collaborative and immersive learning experience, credentials etc. are what makes it very lucrative for working professionals. But every opportunity comes with some challenges.

One of the biggest challenge online learner’s faces is lack of time management. Most people engaged in demanding jobs are unable to balance their work and study life. They eventually end up prioritising their work-life ignoring the courses which they had once enrolled with the serious intention of upskilling themselves or from career perspectives. This is very common among online learners who may have enrolled in a series of important courses but fails to complete them. They shell out quite a hefty amount from their pocket.  But what is the use! If they cannot reap the benefit of them.

The major flaw that impedes the learning process is the inability to plan effectively. Effective time management skill is one of the most important assets that every online learner needs to invest and master.

As quoted by Benjamin Franklin By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail ‘.

Hence making a proper schedule and sticking to it with perseverance and motivation will help you to sail smoothly in all your journeys, be it work, study or personal. The better you learn to use and manage your time effectively the easier it is for you to set and pursue your goals.


Time is an important resource available to everyone. However, only when we can learn the art of utilising it optimally this resource unleashes treasure in our life. Else this resource has no value. Enrolling in an online program is very easy. You choose, select, click and subscribe.

You get access to your course content. The challenge starts from this point. How you manage your time to pursue the course and complete it. Many at the start are full of zeal and zest to pursue their courses. Since the design of the entire online program is such that you have to study all alone: you are in control of your own learning time and pace, very different from classroom learning, the spirit of learning wanes out in many quite at the early stage of the course.

How you perceive the design of virtual learning entirely depends on you. The flexibility, customisation, control over learning are the few features that have increased its popularity. Your learning will be successful and fruitful only when you become responsible towards managing your time.

Learning online requires serious commitment, motivation and discipline to set aside some time to devote to virtual learning. Setting a proper routine to take up your online learning alongside balancing your work and personal commitments require a real understanding and wise utilisation of time.

While some people by nature are pro at managing time effectively and doing everything in an organised way. But, for others, time management is a skill that needs to be learnt and practised to avoid stress and manage all works successfully.

Putting in some effort and time initially to plan and strategize how to use this resource aptly and subsequently sticking to it is something that will definitely bring wanders into your otherwise messy, disorganised life.

Diligently if you can invest some time to learn the art of time management you can reap enormous benefits not only in your online learning but in every sphere of life. The cherry on top is you will be able to lead a stress-free, procrastination free life, able to achieve your goals.


Learning time management is no rocket science. Just the urge must come from within you. I am busy! I don’t have time! is the common rant of almost every person. It’s absolutely true that people have to juggle between various roles; have a full-on commitment towards family work personal and social.

Only by managing time effectively one is able to carve out enough time and space required to essentially fulfil all their commitments. When you join any online course with the intent it becomes necessary that you manage your time properly to learn pursue and complete the course.

A common feature that is noticeable among online participants are many start the course with a bang but fails to complete it. High rates of attrition in online learning confirms that. Putting of studies, lectures, assignments, coursework until the last moment inevitably leads people to get frustrated and finally withdraw.

Just as Winston Churchill mentioned ‘Let our advanced worrying become advance thinking and planning’

So if we gear up a little to plan properly, everything in our life falls on the track. Presenting here are a few simple tips on time management so as to purse and complete your online course.


If you really need to learn something new and seriously then only enrols for an online program. The features and process of the online program have become generically known to almost all. So, only when you think that you can make enough time to pursue and complete it then only enrol.

If you think of casual learning or just enrolling out of peer pressure or any form of compliance behaviour, I would recommend don’t enrol. Unless you have a strong intent to do a course you cannot make it a priority. The result is you only end up enrolling but not starting. Completing the course in such a situation is an oblivion story.


Once you enrol try to set aside some time like 30 minutes of 1 hour every day as your learning time. Initially adding anything extra in between your daily routine can be a little hectic. So, you may start with as less as 15 minutes a day. Gradually you increase your time.

If you are absolutely unable to squeeze out any time try to make out time innovatively. How about studying for 15-20 minutes in the morning while sipping tea or at night before going to bed, or cutting sometime from binge-watching. Try hard to make this time. Definitely, it will work wonders for you.


The best way helpful to make your study plan is to first go through your curriculum thoroughly. Check on module numbers, lecture duration, a number of assignments live sessions and every detail. Then you can make an estimation of your learning pace. Once you have a grip on the curriculum you will understand which module or which assignment will take less or more time. Accordingly, you can check out the study plan. 


Given the busy professional and personal commitments in life, some days will remain easier to manage time for the course. Plan ahead set your calendar to utilise the best of your time in these weeks to speed up your learning.  Even if you have to miss out on the course in a few of your busy weeks, it will get compensated.


Learning online through app or computer opens you to too many forms of distractors like surfing, binge-watching viral videos, social platforms, OTT platforms, checking your mail chatting and so on. Unconsciously stay away from these distractors for the time you are learning online.


Multitasking has become a way of life among many. But it actually leads to cognitive overload thereby decreasing productivity. Refraining from multitasking is always a better choice especially in case of learning. If you intend to study online while cooking or juggling between official work and browsing through online lectures it’s definitely a bad choice. Don’t do it. Concentrate on one thing at a time.


Online learning provides that flexibility of learning from the comfort of home or any other public spaces. But I recommend you must designate a separate study space to carry on your learning smoothly. Making your own private study place in one part of your house or room will help you to focus better. The Adequate lighted, ventilated and calm place is always conducive for learning contrary to any public place full of hustle and bustle.


Learning alone in an online course often slackens the mood. Ones zeal to learn drops. Try to get a study partner with whom you can collaborate to learn together. This gives a healthy competitive spirit and nice flow to your learning pace. When you are studying with your study partner you are able to discuss and grasp anything more quickly unlike studying alone.

Adhering to the simple ways of time management and a little strategic planning will definitely not only help you complete an online program but will keep you focused and stress-free for any other task.

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