Tips on how to do marketing on Facebook for real estate

Social networks are great platforms for attracting clients to a real estate company, and tracing a marketing strategy on Facebook can be a good idea for your real estate business.

Today, many people use this platform to search for properties, especially after launching the “Marketplace” tools within the social network. Here we are giving you some tips of marketing on Facebook related to real estate.

Understand your audience’s demand

Before anything else and continue with the interest in entering the Facebook platform, it is necessary to understand your audience better, drawing an ideal customer profile.

With the popularization of social networks, it is common for certain people to use one platform more than another. Because of that, it is necessary to identify which of them is your client.

For example, your ideal customer may not be on Facebook, but on Instagram. Thus, the effort to be present on this first social network will not have the expected return and may not be a good idea now.

At the same time, Facebook offers a series of data analysis tools that allow you to learn a lot about your customers and the people who interact with your real estate. 

Create a strong page

A common mistake when inserting a company on Facebook is creating a profile. However, this violates the platform’s terms of service, as profiles are created and maintained only for individuals.

Companies of all kinds, including real estate, have to create a fan page, a Facebook solution exclusively to serve business activities.

To have a strong page that meets the expectations of those who visit, you must concentrate all the information about the company. After all, the goal of being part of Facebook is visibility and contact with potential buyers.

Analyze competitors

As well as your company, several other real estate companies will also be inserted in the social network context, many of which may have started before you and already get some return.

The person responsible for managing the company page must always be aware of what is happening around him, constantly analyzing the marketing actions carried out by the competition within the platform.

It is necessary to check if the competitors are succeeding in their actions, but mainly what is going wrong, facilitating their management of social networks and learning from others’ mistakes. This analysis can bring a series of insights to be used in your future campaigns.

Create quality content

Creating a page that can generate leads for your real estate and, consequently, sales, is not just about inserting photos of properties for sale in the page album.

Of course, this can happen, but hoping to achieve a return in just that way is a waste of a strategy’s full potential within the platform.

When a customer is looking for a property, he will hardly search for it in his photo album, that is, he will search on Google or any other portal.

Therefore, the way to attract leads from your page should be based on creating content of interest to your potential customers, to generate engagement.

The tip to attract customers to like and comment on your posts is to invest in content, by which you can start a relationship with your audience, which will generate trust and subsequently new business. Some tips for building relevant content for your page are:

  • post interesting news to the public, such as interviews with experts or funding tips;
  • produce testimonial videos with satisfied customers or answering some common customer questions;
  • use event creation to invite consumers to launch ;
  • respond to questions through the platform quickly;
  • make exclusive promotions for the page.

Set goals for posts

Facebook offers several internal analysis tools to check the reach data of the posts made on the real estate page and likes, comments and other relevant information.

You need to focus on the reach of posts and create growth goals to ensure your campaigns’ success. This allows you to identify the public’s reaction to the content being posted and analyze your strategies’ return.

Also, avoid very high vanity metrics, but that does not represent your real estate company’s real advantage.

Use ads

Right after creating your page, you may feel a little difficult to meet your reach goals for posts and attract followers, with few likes, shares, and comments.

It is completely normal and part of the fact that Facebook monetizes its business model through ads, that is, to increase its reach and grow its page faster, it is necessary to go to the paid media.

Facebook Ads is a tool made available for this. It is composed of several possibilities, which can boost your publications based on various data, such as income, location, interests and various other information about users.

This is a great way to reach your target audience, ensuring a greater return on your publications and making ads within the platform.

It takes a little more knowledge to create good campaigns within Facebook Ads, and if you are not familiar with the subject, you can hire a specialized company.

Facebook marketing is a great way to contact potential buyers and generate more business for your real estate marketing companies in Pakistan with little effort or investment.

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