Using Carbide Thread Mills for NPT Threads

When dealing with threaded pipes, cutting your threads quickly and accurately is extremely important to avoid leaks. To this end, several types of tools have been devised to simplify the threading process. Tap and die tools and thread machines have been the standard threading technologies for some time, but in recent years the process of thread milling has become popular. Using carbide thread mills for NPT thread can help to lower production times while delivering perfectly cut threads.

The Importance of Pipe Threads
Threaded components are essential for several different applications where two components need to interlock. A nut and bolt is a classic example of threads in action. Pipe threads are specially designed to form a more secure or near permanent seal when threaded and tightened. This means that special tools have to be used to create the right shape and taper on the threads.

Without the correct fit, pipes can easily begin to leak water or gas. Leaking pipes can cause a lot of damage, which is why pipe threads have to be able to close securely and stay closed. Luckily accurate and tight fitting threads can be cut quickly and easily using thread mills.

What is a Thread Mill?
Thread mills are tools designed to facilitate the cutting of threaded components using a computer numerically controlled milling machine. There are two different types of thread milling tools. Full form thread mills contain rows of cutting points and they are designed to cut a threaded surface in one quick 360 degree cut. This makes them an amazing option for producing uniform threads quickly.

Full form tools are limited to being able to create both internal and external threads of a single pitch size. If you want to produce different sized threads using a single tool, then you will need a single pitch thread mill. These tools have only a single cutting point and they cut threads by tracing along the entire length of the area to be threaded. This may take longer, but it is ideal for single components that require multiple different thread sizes or for cutting threads on thin walled and otherwise unstable workpieces.

NPT Threads
NPT stands for American National Standard Pipe Thread. This system of standardized threads was created in order to ensure universally secure fittings for various types of threaded components including pipes. NPT threads remain a standard across North America and in many other regions of the world. Another common standard for fuel lines are NTPF threads, designed to offer a leak resistant seal without the need for Teflon tape and other common thread wrappings. There are full form thread mills designed to cut both NPT and NPTF pipe fittings with the proper thread geometry and tapers.

Quick and Easy Threading
If you need to find the best tools to use for thread milling, then it is important to find solid carbide cutters. Carbide tools can maintain their cutting edges for longer and they are able to handle operating at higher temperatures than tools constructed from steel. If you need to find some quality carbide thread mills, you need to visit

Online Carbide is an American tool manufacturer specializing in milling cutters and drill bits. They manufacture carbide thread mills for NPT, NPTF, UN, and metric threads. If you have any questions about the products they offer or you are interested in having custom milling cutters manufactured, you can reach out to a member of their team by sending an email to

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