What are the benefits & drawbacks of placing Table Tents Printing in restaurant

Table tent printing will always be considered as the most admirable way of making customers a dine-in experience worth cherishing as they become aware of many new products that can appease them in every way possible. This service is preferred by many bakeries, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and many other businesses. It is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used marketing tools by businesses that tend to give them the best returns on their investment. However, there are some pros and cons of marketing through this particular medium.




The key factor businesses focus upon when capturing markets and surviving competition is ‘Novelty.’ Custom table tents offer various distinctive add-ons like raised inks and foil stamping for a favorable visual appearance on food tables and counters. Colors are considered to play quite an important role in creating a favorable brand identity for businesses. Various food graphics, images, and illustrations are used to trigger craving amongst the customers while they wait for their food to arrive. Any new recipes and dishes that have been introduced can be displayed through these for customers to try. Table tent card printing offers add-ons like graphics that allow businesses to charm customers visually with the aim of generating sales and revenues.


The first thing businesses consider while determining their marketing strategy is the cost incurrence. Startups usually aim to use low-cost marketing strategies to capture markets because their initial budgets remain low. Table tent card printing services offer low prices to startups so they can attain all the benefits associated with this marketing strategy. 

These tents are affordable in terms of prices and give customers the best value for money. Businesses usually indulge in wholesale activities to benefit from low-cost opportunities on bulk buying from the suppliers.


Content Quality:

When deciding on the content to be included in this marketing strategy, understandability, readability, and quality must be focused on in-depth. Printed table tents hold the most trivial details associated with a product and the brand. Businesses must ensure to keep all these details short and precise to prevent any sipping of information by customers. In restaurants, people usually aim to enjoy their food and so reading a complex card that stands right in front of them is not good for a deal. Customers usually prefer reading simple details that are understandable to them. This way, customers can get their appetites appeased by trying out the new dishes and can also benefit from discounts. These seating tents are used to familiarize the customer with certain discounts, price-cuts, and new products that have been added to the menu. Typography is kept colorful and bold for a clear view, even for customers who are just passing by a counter or a table. The main focus of adding content is to assist customers in getting a clear picture of business objectives and absorbing all the relevant details associated with the brand while sitting.



Reaches out to a limited audience 

This marketing strategy is limited to an audience that walks within the premises of the restaurant. It is placed on food tables and service counters so that customers who have walked in can get a clear view. Customers outside of the restaurant might not be aware of any discounts and new products that it is offering. Due to this, many potential customers might not be able to avail of price-cuts and discounts products leading to a loss of sales for the business.

Limited Content to be Added:

These tents only welcome trivial content because of the restricted space. Some edibles need to be explained in greater depths to satisfy customers. For instance, certain dishes that are new to the menu might night be suitable for people who are lactose intolerant or diabetic. Customers facing these issues might have experienced a negative reaction while trying out the new recipes. This may lead to a fall in the sale and an adverse brand image for the restaurant.


Table Tents Printing is undoubtedly a great way of welcoming new and improved recipes in restaurants and keeping your customers informed about them. With all the pros and cons associated with this service, it is quite viable to label it as a marketing strategy that can do wonders in certain aspects but can prove unsuitable in some.

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