What is a comptia certification employee salary?

What is a comptia certification employee salary?

How to get a CompTia certificate a higher salary and better chances

In an increasingly competitive job market, employees need to do more than hire and even advance in knowledge and skills to get better benefits. Therefore, your need to advance in your qualifications cannot be overemphasized. CompTIA certification is a way to get an IT certificate that sets you apart from the public. Research shows that hiring managers consider a qualification when hiring, which is why you need to get the CompTIA certificate. In this article, we explore the importance of CompTIA certification and how you can get a better comptia salary.

About CompTIA

CompTIA is an abbreviation for the Computer Technology Industry Association and offers a wide range of IT credentials that can put you in a good position to get a well-paid job. It is important that you take your time and decide how many qualifications will help you in your career progression. CompTIA certificates typically cover a wide range of topics, such as computer security, computer basics, Linux programming, and computer networking, among many other qualifications.

Benefits of CompTIA certification

Easy to take

Research shows that qualifications will play an even more important role as employers try to find the right people for vacancies. Although there is a significant consumer market for hiring, about 8 out of 10 HR executives in the United States report having difficulty finding the right people with the right skills to open their openings. This is an idea shared by many IT managers as well. For some IT careers, the accumulation of available talent is not very deep.

Today more than ever there is a very small margin for error to make a horrible recruitment. The current environment must achieve more with less, which is why employers cannot afford the time other than the cost of bringing new employees on board. do not run to the ground. Therefore, employers place a lot of importance on qualification as it is one of the surest ways to demonstrate an employee’s technical skills.


Simply having the knowledge to pass the A + certification test can be a huge confidence boost. You can rest assured that your new bosses will take care of you.

Other career options

Once you have obtained the correct CompTIA certification, you will begin your IT career and you will realize the infinite possibilities of professional development. With the proper certification, you can become part of the following professions and more.

High salary

Like most other certifications, CompTIA certification offers many benefits, including higher salaries. Studies have shown that the average income of employees with CompTIA certification will be 5-15% higher than those with similar qualifications but not certified.

Proof of Severity

Although not all employers require potential employees to be certified, putting the CompTIA logo on your resume can fully demonstrate your level of motivation as a professional. Any employer will see you take your job seriously.

Save money

CompTIA certification will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to solve any problems on the machine. Therefore, you do not need to go to a repair shop and pay to repair your computer. This way you can save money.

This certification can actually make you money. You can even become a local computer repairer.

You can clearly see that CompTIA certification is indeed beneficial in many ways. The fact of following the strict requirements to pass the CompTIA A+ test is morally helpful, especially when you decide it’s time to take a further career.

Similarly, some of the broader multi-part certification systems provide honor for your A+ certification. MCSA tracking is an example of this.

Types of CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA A+

This certification is for those who are just starting their career in the IT industry. Prove that you have the appropriate skills as a computer expert or technician. It covers topics such as preventative maintenance, installation, safety, networking, and troubleshooting. The exam is not only vendor neutral, it is also internationally relevant. That’s why most employees consider it credible proof of your ability to fix computers. This certification is a correct step towards the most advanced CompTIA certification.

CompTIA + network

This certification is a test of proficiency in the maintenance, operation, troubleshooting, configuration and installation of computer network infrastructure. This is especially important for companies that have larger computer networks connecting hundreds or even thousands of employees. Currently, the demand for IT networking experts is very high, so getting CompTIA Network + certification is definitely a boost for career advancement and getting a job.

CompTIA Security + Certification

This certification has many benefits, demonstrating not only sufficient knowledge in the field of security tools and concepts, but also gives you the ability to apply the necessary procedures to remediate any security incident. It also ensures that the security personnel who process this type of IT certification are able to anticipate security risks and react appropriately to ensure maximum protection.


Certification, particularly in the field of information technology, is becoming very important. Although there are openings, it is increasingly difficult for employers to find the right talent to fill the gap. And since there is no room for error when hiring a bad employee, most employers rely on certification as a way of knowing that a person has the skills necessary to perform a certain job. That’s why you have no choice but to get CompTIA certified. It will also help you get a promotion and a better salary than those who are not certified. 

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