What Is Driving Disqualified Penalties And Things To Know About It

Under the Road Traffic Act 1974 Section 49, individuals who have been caught driving a vehicle without receiving official permission from the Road Traffic Act 2008, will be immediately charged with committing an offence and breaking a serious traffic law. This will allow the individual to be disqualified for 9 months, he/she might be charged with a huge penalty for driving while being disqualified.

However, an individual will not be provided with insurance, since it is attached to the driving license itself. If he or she has caused an accident, then they have to compensate for the damages they have done, which will solely go from their pocket. The punishment might turn up to be much more severe and dangerous, if the individual is caught performing that offence over more than one time in the process.

With the help of the information provided by the experts it has come to light that, in 2010, 12% of the individuals were charged because they were driving their vehicle unlicensed. Therefore, according to the researches, in the year 2016, about 31% of the individuals were sent to prison for driving while the license had the status of being suspended or disqualified in the process.

In Western Australia, individuals will be provided with a disqualification notice from the police, if he/she is convicted under ‘drunk driving offences’, which will last up to 2 months. Once the notice of disqualification is served, it will immediately suspend the individual from driving, and the notice will be served from 10 days from the offence or immediately. With the long periods of license disqualification, it will either temporarily impound the individual’s vehicle, or permanently confiscate it in the process.

Why take the help of the traffic lawyers in Perth?

When the situation is standing at a position that is very much serious and severe, individuals must take the chance and contact the best traffic lawyer in Perth. They will be their only ray of sunshine who can help in the process of driving disqualification. This is because each of the individuals in the society wish to live a life free of unwanted criminal history.

Individuals who are caught driving while carrying a license that is disqualified, will not just land up in prison, but their name will stay in the records of the police history. The lawyers from Perth understand how much it can affect an individual both from physically and mentally, for which they have taken the responsibility to provide services on careless driving, and other types of offences that their clients might be convicted of.

The lawyer’s group comprises extremely talented, skilled and brilliant minds who will take all the measures to prove their client’s innocence in the courtroom. Therefore, on certain occasions, the lawyers are considered to be so powerful that they can even finish a case before it reaches the doors of the courtroom. They have trained, and practised all the sections of traffic law, but completing the basics of the criminal law. Their skills have allowed them to become the top lawyers in the city and many individuals trust them, and the best part above all is that their client will not have any criminal history in the process.

How much will the traffic lawyers charge for their services?

When individuals take the help of the traffic lawyers, they will come to notice that all the traffic lawyers available in the city have different ways to receive payment for their services. Some lawyers charge their clients under a fixed amount and others might charge their clients at an hourly rate. The fees are very much calculated according to the lawyers, performance, seniority, location and expertise in the process. The lawyers, which you will be provided are experts in criminal law and individuals will be charges on a fixed price basis, which the individuals can pay once the case is completed.

Things to know about driving disqualification

There are several reasons for which the driving license of an individual is disqualified for which they come face-to-face with driving penalties, which is pictured as a crime or criminal offence in Australia. The main factors of getting driving disqualified are:

  • Because of drunk driving.
  • Driving dangerously on the roads.
  • Performing a criminal offence that involves the usage of the vehicle.

When an individual is caught by law enforcement, they will be taken care of by the court. However, once an individual is convicted with driving disqualification, the court has full right to disqualify the license of that individual for 2 to 5 years in the process. Therefore, the punishment does not stop there once the license is disqualified, the individual has to pay an $8000 fine and at certain points, they might end up in prison for 18 months, respectively.

Reasons for a driving license to get suspended

Under Australian law, the licence suspension can take place because of various reasons, and some of them are provided below.

  • When the State Penalties Enforcement Registry issues an enforcement order for an individual, who has not cleared their unpaid penalties or fines.
  • An individual carries too many demerit points in their driving history.
  • Individuals have been convicted of driving more than 40km/hr. over a speed limit.
  • The Department of Transport and Main Road have taken administrative actions against an individual due to a medical condition that is affecting the way of driving in the process.

Individuals who stand as out as a convict for driving without a license, the court will pass the order to disqualify the driving license of the individual for 1 to 6 months, respectively. Individuals will also be imprisoned for 1 year, or make a payment as fine that much charge over $5000 in the process.

Final Words

Those looking for proper information on driving disqualifications, can get a detailed account of the case. For professional assistance and legal support during times of need, make sure you associate with proficient lawyers.

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