What Is The Process of Surrogacy And Adoption In Australia

The happiness that a child brings to a home can never be matched out to any other feeling ever. The happiness and content that a couple or a person gets from being parents officially is something that can never be outweighed. The emotion is priceless and so is the entire experience. To have a child to call you your own and have it with a family, somehow completes a dream people are not aware that they need.

But, there are certain circumstances due to which at times couples are unable to conceive. Earlier this used to be a big issue, but with time the boon of adoption and surrogacy took out all the impossibility of the circumstances. The process of adoption somehow fulfills dreams without realizing the value of it. But, the process of option for surrogacy and adoption is a bit tricky as it involves certain legalities that are put mainly keeping in mind the right of the children. That is why you should always have to get in touch with a child custody lawyer to make the process easier. Today you will come to know all that there is to know about surrogacy and adoption. 

Adoption and Surrogacy Laws 

The entire ideology of adoption and surrogacy was bought forward with the idea to keep the child happy, safe and protected. If you are a family already and are looking to adopt a child then you at first might get in touch with your Family lawyers Perth to make sure there are no negatives that can hold you back.

They can help and guide you on how to go about the process. Earlier only couples could adopt, but after 2018 some parts of Australia can apply or single-parent adoption. However, if you are married, then the couple is required to be in a marital relationship for 2 years or more before applying for surrogacy or adoption.

The laws protect the right of the children and checking out the background of the couple before taking a decision. The birth parents also have to be informed of the same including the father and only after they agree and sign off the release of adoption can the court and the judge bring about a new birth certificate that confirms the parental right to the new set of parents. However, the adopted one does have the freedom to choose their own set of culture and beliefs and keep contact with their surrogates or birth families if they want. 

Adoption for Infants

One challenge that there is in contrast to surrogacy, is the availability of infant adoption. The best years to adopt a child ranges from six months to a year. Because this is the time cognitive development starts and it helps the child to be more comfortable with their new parents as they at the time remain blissfully unaware of the reasons to and fro. The health and the current needs are taken care of by the adoption agencies until they are put up for adoption. Once the legalities are set aside the legal parents are allowed to become regular visitors until they are ready to take their little boons with them. 

Special Needs

If there comes to be a child who is going through some health issues and needs excessive care, then they are shifted to Special needs care so the child is taken care of and that there is no expense barred to help the child with distinct ability if necessary. 

Adoption Initiation

Another side of adoption is giving up the child for adoption. There may be many circumstances that can make a couple decide that. For example, if there is an absolute newborn and the couple is going through a divorce. In this scenario, the first help the duo needs to seek is from divorce lawyers Perth who will guide them with all other options. If there is still no way then the parents would be advised to contact the Department of Health & Human Services Adoption and Permanent Care services. They would look into further options and if the adoption is the only way out, then the legalities will be proceeded with. 


Once the adoption or surrogacy is decided, in the scenario the birth parents have to write over the rights of their child to the adopting parents. This is securely and safely done to avoid any further issues that can hamper the child in later life. The child is given the same rights that every child should have from their adoptive parents. This includes the right of inheritance as well. The duties are then completely and fully transferred over to the new parents from the surrogate or birth family. The law also ensures that the child if wanted can keep ties with both the set of parents. 

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