What makes me stick to SecuredVC? – Review 2021

Hello? Are you wandering cluelessly in the world of forex trading? Are you in search of a good brokerage firm to support your business? Do you feel your business can reach heights if you get your hands on a decent forex platform? If yes, then you aren’t as lost as you think. You are pretty much on track, all you need is to streamline your choices. Yes, you’ll see what I mean as we proceed in the article. 

I would like to give you a small account of who I am and how I hold the right to give you my review. Well, I am a trader, who’s earning bread through this profession for around 10 years. All my life, I’ve seen traders, come, either make it to the top or drop to the ground and leave immediately. I’ve also seen individuals reaching heights and then dramatically losing their position. 

I attribute downfalls primarily to lack of research and being casual. Yes, in the trading world, if you aren’t particular about what to choose, who to trust, where to take a piece of advice, where to do what’s right, you are bound to meet losses. But hey don’t worry. I’m here to help you all figure out your way out of the turmoil into a good forex platform. Are you ready for the ride?

 Well, whenever you wish to pick a platform or make any choice make sure you carefully evaluate the pros and cons of what you’re up to. You’ll never find everything at your side but try going for something where you find the most substantial factors siding you. In this way, when you consider opening an account make sure your platform is worth the try. There are lots and lots of things that you cannot think of compromising on and then there are factors you can cope with. Some important areas are funds security, privacy, and an easy working environment. 

I’ll tell you how I reached my trading partner SecuredVC and what holds us together for years now. This way you can figure out what exactly to look for in a platform. Let’s start. 

How did I get to know about SecuredVC?

So there was this guy who was my neighbour’s cousin. He used to visit us also and soon we became friends. One day he told me how his insomnia is gone. I was myself sick of pills and hence inquired how he got things in order. He told me he is not as worried about his forex trading because now he has someone who helps him easily manage. And his partner was none-other the SecuredVC. 

The way he presented me with SecuredVC, it was obvious that I’d look into the option and see what makes him such a huge fan of the platform. I did my own research, asked my seniors, and visited all corners of the website. Through inspection helped me reach a point where I was ready to sign up for the market famous SecuredVC. 

Server’s overall look

Now, this is an area where no opinion can be the last opinion. But before discussing the debatable points let’s see what is mutually applauded by all. Here I’ll tell you that SecuredVC has very well worked graphics. These are on point, go with the background, and are clearly visible. One can easily navigate through the site and reach the command one wishes to give. Options like date, time, language settings are all displayed in the top right corner so you quickly reach what you want. Perfect. 

But wait, there’s no stock market report bar. Its presence helps one get what is going on in the market in a few glances. It should be added to the landing page. Now let’s talk about what I would love to change on the website. It’s a dark background. I cannot work on dry financial matters with an even boring colour scheme. Although many people find it very comfortable and professional, for me, it’s not appropriate. I wish they add buttons where you can choose between light and dark themes. But the popping orange colour never lets you stare at the screen in order to make something out of the text. It’s clear and legible. 

There’s another suggestion since the website is only available in English and Thai, it’s hard for ones who can’t get these two languages. The company should try adding more languages. This will help them enhance their customer base. 

It is eminent after the first look the company has large attention on the graphics. They have designed the platform in a way that it is user-friendly and new and old traders can quickly go through it. This approach has made the website very interactive for customers of all ages. I am in love with the drop-down menus. They make the overall navigation process fun and easy. 

Never run out of opportunities

Another commendable feature of the platform is that it never lets you run out of life-changing opportunities. This is attributed to the fact that SecuredVC lets you make use of  200 tradable assets. This has allowed traders all around the globe to diversify their portfolios and make huge sums of money. Traders are also allowed to make use of Commodities, Indices, Crypto, Forex, and Stocks. SecuredVC’s distinguishing feature is that it lets one invest in gold. 

Impeccable tools

If a platform offers you the best analytical tools, add them immediately to your research list. Because tools let you optimize your trading in a way no one does. They influence your trading decisions positively opening a lot of other investment doors simultaneously. All these years, these investment tools have not only guided me but also taught me about the ever-changing trading world scenarios. I have been a happy user of the range of tools offered here. My most favourite was the chart tool. One reason is that it lets you exercise the option to customize to a large extent. From colour selection to zooming options, flagging tools, all of these make the otherwise boring and monotonous process interesting and better. There are a lot of other tools such as news, economic data, analytics, etc. that are equally efficient. 

Security Check

As a trader, one thought which keeps surfacing in your mind is that, is my money safe? If you’re convinced you’re, you can easily beat insomnia but if you’re doubtful there’s something that needs to be fixed urgently. It’s a pro tip, never go for a platform that you don’t find secure. Because the inability to offer security can bring you down to zero. 

And somehow, security has a lot to do with the amount of transparency you can see the given policies and stances. If you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, your eyes will meet the legal section. It contains subsections which are Anti Money Laundering Policy and KYC, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation, and Risk Disclosure statement. Going through these will give you an idea of what degree of transparency SecuredVC exhibits. 

Your data is well protected

I want to tell you that the platform ensures that they have limited control over the data offered to them. And this is used only to ensure that proper monitoring can be done for the client’s good by making the operating procedures as smooth as they can be. But if you’re very cautious about your data you can always refuse the company its provision and even then you’re good to go. The security protocols laid out are immensely comprehensive and in case of concerns you can refer to them whenever you want. All these years, despite small concerns, I’ve never been worried about my information being leaked or my assets being at risk. And for this, I’d like to thank the company. 

Education remains a priority

SecuredVCs knows how imperative it is to keep learning and refreshing your knowledge as a trader. This is why they’ve dedicated a whole section to the library resources. These are free of cost and can be accessed by all users irrespective of their account type. They have taken the responsibility of providing you with first-hand and authentic information on their shoulders. You will find that there are sections namely, e-books, Glossary, FAQs, etc. All these are very comprehensive and segregated in a way that they are easy to navigate through. I spent a lot of time reading in this corner because I felt new stuff coming my way. 

The last word

You must’ve realized by now, that my experience with this platform was phenomenal and this is why I count on it. But since all traders have varying needs and demands so you are recommended to do your own research, see what you cannot compromise and what you can cope with. Only then pick an appropriate platform. I would also like to bring it to your notice that describing all features and specs of the platform was beyond the scope of this review. So if you sign up, there’s alot waiting for you. Good luck. 

Disclaimer:This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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