What’s in a Name? Tips for Branding Your Condo Community

First impressions are everything. When potential home buyers view a condominium, they aren’t just looking for a space— they’re looking for an experience. They want to be able to not only envision themselves occupying the unit, but also the lifestyle they’ll enjoy if they decide to make the purchase. And being able to create that vision for potential buyers begins with condo branding.

Even more specifically, Condominium Management starts with choosing a condo name.

A condo community name serves as the cornerstone of its entire brand. It is the very first thing a potential buyer hears. And when chosen with care, it captures the essence of what life will be like for those who decide to call it home.

So, what makes a great condo name? And what are some trends to keep in mind?

These are the questions we’ll be answering today.

Tips for Naming a Condominium

1.     Leverage Your Location

Location is easily one of the most influential factors in any real estate decision. More often than not, potential buyers choose to view or consider a property based on its location. So, when branding a condo development, it’s always wise to start with its surroundings.

Questions to ask include:

  • Are there any noteworthy attractions, landmarks, streets, etc nearby?
  • What neighbourhood is the development located in? What makes the neighbourhood unique or special?
  • Is the development near any parks, rivers, or lakes?
  • Does the property offer scenic views?
  • Is the property close to modern conveniences like subway stations, shopping centres, or sports arenas?

By leveraging what makes the location of your condo development desirable and incorporating it into the name, you make your property memorable— which is always a competitive advantage.

Example: Central Park Tower in NYC, New York

2.     Honor Local History

Sometimes, in order to position ourselves for success in the future, we need to reflect on the past. History is what gives real estate character and warmth— and many home buyers pay top dollar for it. So, why not make learning about local history part of your condo branding process?

Perhaps the oldest movie theatre in town is just around the corner from your building. Or maybe residents will enjoy sweeping views of a 100-year-old cathedral. Whatever the case may be, referencing historic places or events is an excellent way to create a story that captivates potential buyers.

Example: Lincoln Wharf Condos in Boston, Massachusetts

3.     Make Use of Modern Trends

There are marketing trends in every business, and yes— that applies to condo community names, too. Choosing an antiquated moniker could make your property less appealing to condo buyers who are seeking a contemporary, stylish living experience.

One trend that has emerged recently, for example, is including a cardinal direction in condo building names (east, west, north, south). This is a great way to establish loyalty amongst residents, as many urban dwellers proudly represent their “side of the city”.

Other popular naming terms include “Lofts”, “Residences”, and “Yards”.

Example: Gotham West in NYC, New York

4.     Curb the Conventional

One of the best condo development tips for those seeking to establish an unparalleled brand is to come up with a name that is truly unlike any other. This will involve more brainstorming than usual (some luxury developers sort through hundreds of names before settling on a title), but it will be worth it in the long run when your property is in a league of its own.

Try to think of words that evoke a specific sensation or response. The word “haven” for example, evokes a sense of peace, while the word “summit” evokes magnitude and authority.

Example: Sione in NYC, New York

5.     Let Simplicity Be Your Signature

When all else fails, choose simplicity. Simple, straightforward names have a timeless appeal, eliminating the need to rebrand every decade or so.

One of the most classic naming conventions is to use the intersecting streets on which the property can be found. This is an excellent choice for developers who want a condo community name that will remain chic and dignified for years to come.

Another option is to use the last name of the architect who designed the building.

These names aren’t necessarily complex or awe-inspiring, but they are definitely dependable. And sometimes, that’s exactly the type of brand a condo developer is looking to convey.

Example: 611 West 56th Street in NYC, New York

However you decide to choose your condo community name, there is one rule to remember above all else— put the home buyer first. Ultimately, you want to intrigue your target market and make the sale.

Are you a condo board member seeking a property management company to enhance the living experience for your tenants? Contact us today. We’re confident we can exceed your expectations.

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