Why is sas training unavoidable for data scientists?

Introduction to sas

SAS stands for statistical analysis software which was conceived in the year 1960. Since its inception, sas has been used as a tool of data management, business analytics, graphical analysis, project management, operational research and data transformation.

Popularity of sas

It is due to the wide applications of sas that it is becoming increasingly popular among data analysts. Training of statistical analysis software is being provided in numerous institutions. For instance, SAS training in Malaysia is being provided by some of the leading organizations with the aim of developing future data scientists.

A glimpse of the types of sas software

There are numerous types of statistical analysis software. Few of them include sas stats, sas means, sas EG, sas EM, windows or PC sas etc.

Benefits of sas:

1-A tool of data management and statistical analysis

Statistical analysis software is a great tool for managing data doing statistical analysis. It is due to its rich features that it has been used in data governance. It is also used in fraud detection which speaks volumes of its necessity. It is also used in text mining. It also finds applications in big data analytics.

2-Graphical analysis using sas

The best thing about statistical analysis software is that it is able to generate threads of structured data from raw and unprocessed data. After that, it enables us to simplify large volumes of data in the form of graphs which becomes meaningful information.

3-Business analytics, intelligence and management

In the present data age, statistical analysis software also plays a pivotal role in business management and development. It is due to this software that business intelligence and analytics is carried out. This software also plays its part in forecasting prospective sectors of investment for businesses.

4-Project management and operations research

One of the best things about statistical analysis software is that it serves as a tool of project mmanagement.It aids in project monitoring and project development. This software is unavoidable in case of operations research. It greatly aids in minimizing the cost of a project.

5-Data extraction and mining

Statistical analysis software can also be used for mining huge chunks of data. This software is also used as a tool of data mining by data scientists worldwide.

6-Data transformation

Statistical analysis software also enables us to transform data by processing it and portraying it in a very lucid format which can be further utilized by business analysts.

Future prospects

The usage of statistical analysis software by data scientists is bound to witness a rise. Though this software is replete with rich features, it needs an upgrade. This will enable the software to become a universal tool of usage for data scientists.

So, the aspiring data scientists need to get themselves acquainted with this software at an earliest.

Concluding remarks

In one word, sas training is a must for data scientists as this software serves as one of the most dependent tools for data analytics.

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