Why Should You Choose Early Childhood Education In Australia To Build Your Dream Career?

Why Should You Choose Early Childhood Education In Australia To Build Your Dream Career?

Early Child Education is compulsory in Australia because it’s a profession that’s on the move. Early childhood education has received plenty of spotlight in these recent years at the international and national levels. The standards have been pushed up much higher to provide quality education and have been recognized as one of the most important things for children.

When children have access to high-quality early childhood education, it allows them to build a solid foundation to learn in the coming future. If you are interested to help children achieve their goals, you can opt for the early childhood education courses from the best colleges in Australia to gain knowledge and skills. 

Why opt for early childhood education?

Taking up the early childhood education and care course will be pretty rewarding for you. It will help you make a successful career through it. You can shape and improve the lives of children and their families. With this course, you can equip children with the capacity and skills to become engaged and effective learners in school and beyond. Given below are some of the crucial reasons to opt for the early childhood education course. Take a look!

1. You will get job security: 

As the early childhood education sector keeps growing, the demand for certificate 3 early childhood education care is also pretty high. So why is this particular sector strong and growing? It’s because the number of children attending children’s services has increased.

These days, early childhood education has become a well-known profession, and many individuals are making promising careers within this area. The Department of Employment predicted that the sector will grow continuously for the next 5-years. The demand for childcare workers within Australian soil will see an increase of 7% between 2016 and 2026.

2. The career is highly beneficial:

As a qualified childcare worker, the ways you shape the lives of children will be enormous. The early years of children, which is 0 to 5-years is highly essential for their emotional and cognitive development. They will also spend plenty of time with you so that you can inspire a love for learning and enable them to develop all the key social skills. You can also become creative and foster a deep love of communicating and learning right from the beginning. Being an early childhood educator, you can make a difference in children.

There are high-quality experiences that will bear positive results for the learning, health, and well-being of the child. You can create opportunities for the children to become socially competent, which will influence their emotional well-being.

3. You will gain endless career opportunities:

Through the diploma of early childhood education and care you will come across many professional roles within the early childhood sector. So, you have plenty of room to challenge and grow yourself within the area of childcare. The best part is that you can cater to your career according to your needs. You can work in kindergarten, daycares, outside school hour’s care, family day cares, and preschools.

Some job roles will enable you to work with children directly such as center manager and educators. This is where you will oversee the daily operation of the service. Your career will also provide you with center support roles such as consultative, administration, or early childhood training.

4. You will be eligible for the free-fee study:

Australians who are eligible can earn their qualification in childcare for free. Otherwise, they can study for $1 to $2 per unit, and it’s all thanks to the government funding. Under these initiatives, you will find courses such as the Certificate III for Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113). With the help of this system, there is about 96% of the individuals are working and are involved within the childcare sector.

How good is early childhood education in Australia?

Within the past several years, Australia made plenty of improvements in its early childhood education and care industry. But there is still a lot of room for improvement. The nation has an above-average proportion of children who are less than 3-years old attending the ECEC. On the other hand, children who are 4-years old attending some care, and it’s also growing.

If you are an international student and interested to work in this industry, then you can do so with a help of a student visa. You will get the chance to work for around 40-hours a fortnight throughout the term. This means you can work within the childcare sector and also study.

Over to you!

The sector of early childhood education and care is growing at a faster pace. Many individuals are applying to courses for ECEC to build a successful career in this sector. So, if you love children and want to work as an educator, then early childhood education and care is the right one for you.


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