Why Should You Go for CIMA Certification Post Your Degree Program?

Certifications are third-party validated proof of your skills, which can accelerate your earning potential and even step-up your career growth. While there are numerous professional certifications available in the market for both finance and accounting students and professionals, choosing the most appropriate certification program can be one of the most daunting tasks.

No doubt there are numerous certification programs that are available online, let’s explore some of the popular certification programs – in terms of what do they offer, what is the candidacy track, and what will one learn post completion.

  1. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): Accounting professionals who dream about working with investors or asset managers on Wall Street, Chartered Financial Analyst is the certification for them. You can achieve your professional goals with CFA certification. Aiming for the CFO level or thinking of becoming a financial manager in your career then earning a CFA certification will open the doors to your dream career. The certification program covers topics like ethics and economics, money management and have three exams that should be finished in the sequence.  Eligibility criteria include obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Accounting along with four years of professional experience.
  2. Chartered International Management Accountant (CIMA®): For those seeking high-profile finance and accounting career in leading global organizations then earning a CIMA qualification is a must for you. The CIMA certification is one of the most trusted and the most distinctive validation of your competence and it will ensure that your career grows by leaps and bounds. CIMA qualifications are considered as one of the most essential qualifications for professionals seeking strategic leadership roles in global organizations. Know this – CIMA USA fuels the discipline, practice, and profession of international management accounting in the current workplace.  And it’s different. It is believed that CIMA qualification could be the only qualification that one would ever need to both navigate and grow with confidence in your career. Eligibility criteria for CIMA certification include
  3. Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA): Quite young in the field of professional certification programs, introduced in 2012, the CGMA is offered by both the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the American Institute of CPAs. Considered as a global certification program renowned all over the world, CGMA is a must-have credential for those who seek a career as financial controller, chief financial officer, or even account manager. Eligibility depends on your professional organization.

While there are numerous certifications available in the market, if you are seeking a qualification that will open the doors to a career in any of the fields – business, finance, and accounting – CIMA certification is your answer. CIMA qualification will give your profile the most powerful differentiation it seeks, in addition, to prepare you well in the complex multi-discipline of international management accounting.

With CIMA qualification you become eligible for challenging leadership roles in leading global organizations. 

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