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Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Vivo X60 Unbiased Comparison


Mobile phones are by nature merely indifferent to one another; mainly serving a common and major purpose of its name. But among them there reside minute features like that of chipsets, megapixels, lenses, and sensors that later on hugely impact the phone’s performance, display, camera quality, battery life and so forth matters of a similar culture.

 XiaomiMi 11 price and Vivo X60 price are by nature relatively competent to each other. Veritably, all major competitions pass through three stages. Forst, it always comes under consideration of observance. Second, based on experience and. Third, it is the stage of the final assessment. The subject that is firm in these tests will direct the competition to itself.

Camera Comparison

The major enemies of an overwhelming competitor are its considerable features and contemporary rivals. Every other mobile takes the limits of its category of work, as a matter of instance, Xiaomi becomes title holder when it comes to a back camera or main lens. Verily, in the concrete Xiaomi has the main camera of 108 MP. In comparison with the fact, Vivo X60 proposes 48 MP for taking wide-angle shots. On opposing a contradictory statement to very subject Vivo purposes its front camera for 32 MP and becomes the first-rate contender of the relative field. As Xiaomi front’s camera only reaches to 20 megapixels. In the corresponding subject of the camera, both phones hit the divergent targets. As a certitude of subsistence, XiaomiMi 11 has an Ultra Wide lens of 13 MP and same features come under the permanence of Vivo. Vivo utilizes 13 MP lens for portrait photography and Vivo uses in 5 MP Telephoto lens.

Comparing TheBattery

A mobile’s battery life can be determined from various factors, though there are always several factors that we use to sketch a shallow case in point. In comparing two subjects we think of what one subject lacks and other poses. On the grounds of the very subject, XiaomiMi 11 has more than six percent of battery potential in comparison to Vivo X60. As in terms of sums and figures, XiaomiMi 11 comes with a 4600 mAh, Li-Po Battery. Whereas on the other side, Vivo X60 features with 4300 mAh, of Li-Po Battery. In considering the other extra spaces from the field of the battery can be taken as a great matter of argument, as to judge the final contender. The full delight of ultimate battery experience is the initial capacity of charger that charges on the substantial power supply and voltage. XiaomiMi 11 charges up a phone with 55W, whereas Vivo X60 with 33W.

Which Has Go The Best Design

When it comes to design, Vivo on doubt is hugely impacting, as it is much slimmer than that of Xiaomi with 7.36 mm thickness. And also when comparing the weights of both phones, Vivo seems relatively much lighter than Xiaomi. Here Vivo secures weight of 175.6 g and Xiaomi a weight of 194 g. Vivo’s overall design is much more convincing in terms of portability and users usability.


You only know a mobile’s goodwill as you see it through its outer demure, not as it works. As a result of the given statement, the above points are demonstrated based on functional and usability tests in real user conditions & Live Chat Agents.

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